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Aus First suck: Iemma

From ABC Online:

Australia First stands for extremism, racism: Iemma

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma says the extreme right-wing party Australia First has no credibility and will not attract many votes at the next election.

The party is standing a candidate in Cronulla, south of Sydney.

John Moffat is planning to run in Cronulla against Liberal MP Malcolm Kerr.

On Australia First’s website, Mr Moffat says he is opposed to the “lunacy” of multiculturalism, which he describes as a “loathsome experiment” and the riots of last December were “correct.”

Australia First was partly blamed for fuelling the riots.

Mr Moffat says he will mobilise the people of Cronulla to see their will implemented.

Mr Iemma says while they are entitled to stand a candidate, their support will be negligible.

“The overwhelming majority of voters know what they stand for and that’s extremism and racism of the worst kind,” he said.

Mr Iemma has again warned that police will take tough action against anyone causing trouble this summer

News brief · 29 November 2006

Questions over cop’s involvement in race abuse

From Friday’s Herald Sun:

Race abuse man in talks on cop’s future
Mark Buttler

A JEWISH man assaulted and abused for his faith has met with senior police over the future of an officer who saw the incident.

And Menachem Vorchheimer yesterday handed Premier Steve Bracks a copy of his police statement and urged him to take a strong stance over the matter.

News brief · 29 November 2006

Nazis plot Cronulla II

From the Daily Tele:

Renewed race riot fears
Exclusive by Luke McIlveen
November 27, 2006

WHITE supremacists are whipping up ethnic tensions in Cronulla a year after the race riots, handing out hate pamphlets and plotting anniversary protests in a bid to cause a repeat of the December 11, 2005 violence.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the extreme right-wing Australia First Party – blamed for fuelling last year’s riot – has found a local candidate to stand in the March state election.

John Moffat, an aged-care worker who moved to the Sutherland Shire from the Eastern Suburbs five years ago, will stand against Liberal MP Malcolm Kerr.

Mr Moffat has promised to ban immigration and remove police from Cronulla.

News brief · 27 November 2006

Extremist Catholic grouplet expelled

From the Lismore Northern Star:


Parish warns congregation about radical Apostles for Life

A LISMORE priest has distanced his parish from a local extremist group of Catholics who back claims of a Jewish conspiracy of genocide against Christians.

St Carthage’s Cathedral rector Father Dennis Carroll this week took the unusual step of censuring the anti-abortion group Apostles for Life in his parish bulletin.

News brief · 25 November 2006

All aboard for peace!


Come and ride the Peace Train from Bankstown to Cronulla on Saturday 25 November 2006 for an afternoon of drumming and fun at the beach! Either bring a drum or grab one of ours and join in the free workshops.

Come to a local launch at Bankstown (11.30am), Rockdale (12.00 noon), Hurstville (12.15pm) or Sutherland (12.30pm), arriving at Cronulla (1.23pm) … or grab a ticket and board the train at any stop along the way.

Fight dem back · 24 November 2006 · Discussion

Boneheads at the G20?

The issues that were discussed at the G20 summit (and protested outside) in Melbourne last Saturday don’t really have much to do with FDB, unless it were to turn out that the Governor of the RBA was a closet klansman (he’s not).

Nevertheless, we sent a wee cadre along to look out for any fash who might seek to cause trouble.

An opinion piece in the Sunday Herald Sun reported a contingent of neo-Nazi “skinheads” – complete with swastika patches – were amongst those responsible for the isolated violence. As with much of the other reporting of the event, FDB has concluded that this is exaggerated.

We counted:

A small contingent of known fascist youths with classy matching chequered masks who sang White Riot by The Clash at the police.
A bloke with a British NF shirt (go back to your own country, son)
And a bloke with an unfortunate electronics geek shirt that appeared to feature a swastika but actually featured a bizarre electronics circuit. Dude, get a new t-shirt.
And a few other usual suspects – You know who’s really meeting in there? The Jews!

So yeah – the papers may have gotten a bit ahead of themselves on the Nazi count. If it’s any consolation, the masked up fash were involved in the throwing of perishable goods and magazines (??) at the police.

The report that FDB’s Dr. Cam wrote for Crikey as their Riot Reporter is available for viewage here.

Fight dem back · 24 November 2006 · Discussion

John, you’re being a dick: Fraser

Well, he may have put it a bit more politely.

From The Age:

Some political remarks racist: former PM
November 16, 2006

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser believes many comments by Australia’s politicians about Islam are racist.

Mr Fraser also said many of the words used to stimulate debate about the need for a set of Australian values were code for saying Muslims did not comply with Australian values.

And he questioned whether the next federal election would be fought using a race card.

News brief · 22 November 2006

Native Title holders say planning scheme is racist

From ABC Online:

Council planning scheme labelled racist

Native title holders on Cape York Peninsula, in far north Queensland, say the Cook Shire Council’s new planning scheme is racist.

The Cape York Land Council says too many areas marked for conservation in the plan are close to Aboriginal land, meaning development is restricted.

News brief · 16 November 2006

Speed Racer stuffs up

Our mate @ndy has written a thingo about our mate Ben “Speed Racer” Weerheym – the Perth-based hip-hopping, part-Jewish neo-Nazi and retirement-home-vandal. O-kay!

Here it is, in all it’s glory:

Sorry, this was just too !nataS to ignore. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Ben Weerheym! The lying little fascist weasel has reproduced a comment on Melbourne Indymedia regarding the recent protest at local neo-Nazi pub The Birmy, claiming not only that it’s ‘real good’ but written by a sympathetic academic… who was actually there.

Fight dem back · 15 November 2006 · Discussion

Errol Wyles Justice Foundation: Launch tonight

From the Oz:

On a quest for justice
A new campaign for equal rights is named after an Aboriginal teenager killed in Townsville three years ago, writes Ian Gerard

November 15, 2006

ERROL Wyles Jr was 15 when he was run over and killed in 2003 while riding his bike outside a suburban home in the north Queensland city of Townsville. The Aboriginal teenager was struck down by a Holden Berlina driven by a 20-year-old white man who had just left a party where Wyles and his friends had been denied entry.

Scott Hasenkamp was giving a few mates a lift when he reversed out of the driveway of the house where the party was still raging and began reversing towards the group of four cyclists. Witnesses say the boys leapt out of the way but Hasenkamp kept swerving towards them, crushing the wheels of two boys’ bikes and striking Errol with the rear of the car, dragging him beneath its wheels.

A panicked Hasenkamp then put the car into drive, running over the boy again before speeding away from the scene and into the night. Errol died on the side of the road from massive head and chest injuries before an ambulance arrived.

News brief · 15 November 2006