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Racist/Homophobic overtones in NZ fight vids

From the NZ Herald:

Top schools involved in fights shown on internet
Saturday October 28, 2006
By Kiran Chug and James Ihaka

An Auckland student claiming to have posted to the internet one of the cyber-bashing clips that have outraged principals says video violence is only going to get worse.

“Every time a fight happens, all you see is a camera going up,” the 17-year-old said last night.

Pupils from some of New Zealand’s top high schools have been captured on camera in bashings, some with racist overtones. The clips were posted to the popular YouTube website.

News brief · 31 October 2006

Melbourne Antifa Say: No, Gary, No!

Photos (and one pithy witticism) stolen from Melbourne Indy:

The Protest
1, 2, 3, 4 – Fascists are not welcome in Fitzroy and Collingwood, Gary, and you will be held accountable for bringing them here.

On Saturday arvo, as promised, somewhere between 100 and 150 antifa took to the streets of Fitzroy – The corner of Smith and Johnston, to be specific – to Speak Out Against Racism.

Fight dem back · 30 October 2006 · Discussion

Melbourne Rally – Saturday 28/10

Hey you!

Are you in Melbourne? Are you opposed to racism? If so, we better see you outside the Birmingham Hotel (Corner of Johnston and Smith St, Fitzroy) at 1pm on Saturday.

Why? Cos we are having a peaceful rally against racism in our community.

You might have heard about the neo-Nazi gig that took place at the Birmy about a month ago. On that night, a black girl was walking to her car on Johnston St when she was surrounded by 7 or so thugs who shouted racial slurs at her and made her repeat them back before they would let her go.

Classy stuff, boys.

Gary, the owner of the Birmingham, reckons it’s “somebody else’s bullshit.”

Sorry, Gaz – you knowingly brought these arseholes into our neighbourhood, so we’re making it your bullshit.

See you on Saturday, homies, and remember: Peaceful does NOT mean quiet. Ciao!

Fight dem back · 27 October 2006 · Discussion

How to preserve free speech – The Weerheym Way!

The trick is to threaten to kill anyone who dares speak out against your fascist bullshit, take fifteen dexys and wash the lot down with a tasty VB longneck…

Ben Weerheym
Ben Weerheym and Daniel Klavins wave to the camera.

Ben Weerheym (the hip-hop loving, part-Jewish neo-Nazi) is a little bit upset that his precious right to free speech has been infringed upon by the Jewish-Controlled-Media conspiracy against him. Nevermind that he uses the threat of violence and intimidation against anyone who dares speak out against morons who graffiti war widow’s retirement villages and hassle schoolkids – surely a far more tangible type of censorship than requiring a corporation operating in the Commonwealth of Australia to comply with the laws of that Commonwealth.

Fight dem back · 27 October 2006 · Discussion

Google ‘harbouring racists’

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Racist blogs targeting minority groups in Australia are springing up on the web, but Google’s Blogger, the service some are hosted on, refuses to take them offline, says an anti racism lobby group.

“Blogger is absolutely insensitive to complaints about racist and neo-Nazi content,” said Brian Stokes, co-founder of FightDemBack!, a group that monitors the activities of racists, fascists and other such offenders operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Blogger, owned by Google, enables anyone to create a blog or online journal, and publish their thoughts online using internet space provided by Blogger.

Mr Stokes said his group had reported numerous discriminatory Blogger journals to Google, both through the “flag” button that appears on each blog and through an email form that Mr Stokes said was “buried in their site, very hard to find”.

Mr Stokes said his appeals had fallen on deaf ears at Google.

News brief · 26 October 2006

Cronulla rioter jailed

From AAP:

I’m no racist, says jailed rioter
By Drew Cratchley
October 24, 2006

A MAN who took part in the Cronulla race riot wearing a singlet proclaiming “Mohammed was a camel raping faggot” says he chose the slogan because he believed the Australian way of life was under attack.

Marcus Kapitza, 28, was today ordered to serve the one year jail sentence he received in August after pleading guilty to one charge of riot.

News brief · 24 October 2006

National Front driven out of Wellington

From the Herald On Sunday:

National Front marchers clash

Sunday October 22, 2006
By Keith Ng

National Front members clashed with protesters as they marched on Parliament yesterday, shocking tourists but leading to only one arrest.

Around 30 members of the National Front were in Wellington for their annual rally to “celebrate the New Zealand flag”. National Front Director Sid Wilson attacked multiculturalism, describing it as “genocide” and “holocaust” against white and Maori New Zealand.

The rally was met by an 80-strong counter-protest.

News brief · 22 October 2006

Vic Lib Candidate holds forth on ‘Asains’

From The Age:

Liberal candidate’s blog a slur on Aborigines
October 21, 2006

A LIBERAL Party candidate for the state election has declared that Aborigines are congenitally drunk and violent, terror suspect David Hicks should be executed, and he has described an Indian-born doctor as a smelly dud.

Gary Anderton, the candidate for the south-east suburban seat of Lyndhurst, posted the comments on his weblog in late 2004.

The site has since been sanitised, linked to the Liberal Party’s site, and all trace of the offending comments removed.

But in printed copies of the defunct web pages, obtained by The Age, Mr Anderton tells in an entry called “Anglo-Saxon Doctor Please” of going to the GP and being seen by “an Indian doctor, of all things, that absolutely stunk and obviously received a full fee degree. In other words, (he had) no idea.”

News brief · 21 October 2006

Holiday camp hosts fascists – Let them know how you feel!

Fight Dem Back! press release:

Australasian anti-fascist campaigners Fight Dem Back! are appalled at the hospitality shown to the New Zealand National Front (NZNF) by the Top 10 Hutt Park Holiday Park. The holiday park, part of a nationwide chain, is to host the fascist group for two nights, during which time they will hold their AGM and a rally at the Cenotaph.

The NZNF are to stay at the park on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October, with their AGM to be held on Saturday afternoon.

Fight dem back · 19 October 2006 · Discussion