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Embrace your heritage!

Embracing your heritage can be fun!!

The world is a crazy, crazy place, and sometimes all we have to make sense of it is tradition. Being proud of your roots can be part of understanding how you fit into the world, can inspire you to do great things, etc. etc.

Also, geneology is a fun hobby that will keep kids out of pool halls and the like, smoking cigarettes and reading Captain Whizbang’s Fun Book.

Some people go a bit nutty with this concept, though.

Fight dem back · 30 September 2006 · Discussion

Blood & Honour – NOT welcome in Collingwood & Fitzroy

From the Melbourne Times:

Neo-Nazi gig incites chorus of protest


LOCAL punk music venue the Birmingham Hotel in Collingwood is under fire for hosting an international network of neo-Nazis at a gig on Saturday night to commemorate the death of their white supremacist leader Ian Stuart.

Neo-Nazis from around Australia attended the gig on Smith Street, many of them wearing swastikas, to listen to “hatecore” bands.

The concert was sponsored by Blood & Honour Australia – the local chapter of a global neo-Nazi organisation that is banned in Germany – and Aryan supremacists the Southern Cross Hammerskins.

News brief · 27 September 2006

When is a fascist not a fascist?

Quite some time ago, FDB got a sent a copy of a booklet from the little publishing empire of Kerry Bolton. It caused a few smiles and even loud laughter before it began collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Recently dusted off, we decided to give it another look. Bolton is an “old hand” of the far right scene in New Zealand and has made a career out of rehashing many of the same press releases and graphics over the last few decades.

But what of his more recent rantings? Well, for a mere $10 you can get a 44-page book titled “RED ALERT – Behind the smear campaign against Australasian Nationalists” by K R Bolton. Throughout the booklet Bolton tries to portray himself as a rather moderate right-winger, and constantly states that the various far-right groups throughout Australasia are the victims of a lefty smear campaign. The media have apparently been duped en-mass by this campaign and have gone forth to write endless articles saying these groups contain fascist, white supremacists and nazi elements, which in turn is what Kerry claims is what caused some people with dodgy right wing beliefs to join up. Yep, he’d have us believe that it was all a self-fulfilling prophecy. But we say bollocks! Those fascist, white supremacist and nazi elements have been there all along. And as Kerry’s booklet often uses the National Front to outline his argument, why don’t we do the same?

Fight dem back · 25 September 2006 · Discussion

Sid to cop the boot?

Remember the New Zealand National Front? It’s just not been the same since Kyle Chapman ran away to play soldiers in the bush and they put drunken pothead Sid Wilson in the hot seat.

The word from within the Front is that Sid is soon to cop the boot, and police informant David Roycroft will be stepping up to the plate.

David Roycroft - future head of the New Zealand National Front?
Tipped to take the reins of the National Front – But they’re just concerned patriots, not Neo-Nazis, right?

Dave’s a funny bloke – his granddad was in the SS, and his dad was a neo-Nazi too – so it makes sense that young Davo would throw in with the NF. Dave’s takeover will mean the end of the National Front as a “legitimate” political force and a return to the good old days of racially-charged militancy – he’s a member of Blood & Honour and has close ties to the Hammerskins.

Goodbye Ballot Box, Hello AK47.

Fight dem back · 24 September 2006 · Discussion

Alleged Canadian bashers to face trial

From NZPA:

Men accused of bashing Canadian tourist to face trial
19 September 2006

Three men accused of bashing, kidnapping and robbing a Canadian tourist have been committed to trial.

Mark Alexander Gage, 30, Jaydon Russell Borland, 30, and Jason George Gregory, 19, are jointly accused of aggravated robbery, kidnapping and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Jeremie Kawerninski on April 18 this year.

News brief · 21 September 2006

Friday night in the big city

Richard Glover from the SMH opines on giving Muslims a fair go and all that:

A hard night with the bigots
Richard Glover
September 16, 2006

IT’S Friday night and a man of Middle Eastern appearance is working in his small convenience store. I’m in the market for some lip balm, and choosing the right product takes some time.

Strawberry or apricot? It’s a hard choice for the wind-blown bloke. And so I have time to watch, as the man serves his customers. They come in groups, or in singles, but over the course of five minutes all of them give the shop owner a slightly hard time.

News brief · 19 September 2006

Visiting academic claims bus driver racist

From ABC Online:

Visiting academic says not picked up because of race

An Indian professor in Adelaide on a fellowship says a city bus driver refused to pick her up because of her race.

News brief · 19 September 2006

Hate mail “an isolated incident”

From the Lismore Northern Star:

Minister says hate mail an isolated incident

RACIST hate mail sent to some Goonellabah residents was an isolated incident that should not cause alarm, NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopoulos has said.

News brief · 19 September 2006