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Hero of the neo-Nazis… caves in.

Hot off the wire:

Academic sorry for racist remarks
By Alyssa Braithwaite
August 30, 2006 12:31am

A SYDNEY academic who created a racial furore by claiming African refugees were linked to high crime rates has apologised for his comments.

Macquarie University Associate Professor Andrew Fraser sparked the racial controversy in June last year when his letter making the remarks was published in local newspaper, the Parramatta Sun.

News brief · 30 August 2006

‘Nigger’ stand set to get blown up

From AAP:

‘Nigger’ stand set for demolition
August 29, 2006

An Aboriginal activist crusading to remove the word “nigger” from a Queensland sports ground grandstand may finally get his way, with the stand set to be demolished.

Stephen Hagan, a lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, has waged a long campaign to change the name of the ES Nigger Brown stand at the Toowoomba Sports Ground, west of Brisbane.

News brief · 29 August 2006

Woe! What a terrible job we have done!

Well, the Sydney Forum is done for another year, and we’re sorry to say that we failed. Sure, the only two respectable people on the bill cancelled – but they were replaced with a complete fruitcake and a glowing tribute to two absolute dregs of society – hardly a victory for our side, is it?

Drew Fraser, if he had any credibility left at all, blew the remains of it by appearing. Having spoken alongside Saleam on more than one occasion, having addressed members of the KKK at white supremacist meetings in the US, having used writings by ANM members (sourced from the website of the neo-Nazi terrorist group National Vanguard) as references in his written “works,” well… Drew Fraser has officially crossed the line into neo-Nazidom.

The rest of the speakers, all stalwarts of the racist right, well… yeah. Who cares?

Probably the most disturbing aspect of this year’s forum was the presence of a Palestinian speaking against Zionism. When you consider that a number of Australia First members have made comments to the effect that they would like all Arabs deported – and Saleam’s associates in the WPCA have made more extreme comments to the effect that they would like all Arabs exterminated – one can only assume Saleam and co. used deceit to ensure their presence.

As hard as it is to believe that a mythomaniac like Saleam would ever lie about anything, that’s how it looks from here. Jimbo defends this hypocrisy by pointing to the example of David Duke, the American Klansman and plastic surgeon’s dream.

David Duke will hang out with Arabs when it suits him, Jim says.

So? That makes David Duke a hypocrite too – as if any more proof of that was needed.

The more interesting event of the weekend was the affiliated bonehead par-tay in Chippendale on friday night, but maybe we should give that particular leak a couple of hours to get out of the state before we get into that.

Fight dem back · 27 August 2006 · Discussion


From the Sunday Star Times:

Killer cheats on wife behind bars
27 August 2006

Convicted double-killer Scott Watson has been cheating on his wife of two years from behind prison bars.

His wife Coral, who moved to Christchurch to be near him, said the couple would have marriage counselling after Watson admitted having a relationship with another woman – believed to be the former partner of a police officer.

News brief · 27 August 2006

What a coup!

Nobody can say that Jimbo Saleam can’t bounce back! Remember those two keynote speakers who cancelled on him, on account of the Sydney Forum being, you know, a bit of a neo-Nazi shindig?

Well, they’ve been replaced… And boy, have they been replaced. Perhaps we did Jim a favour, cos now he has some real intellectual heavyweights kicking out the jams.

A Historian And Author, The Ancient European Contact With Australia And The Pacific

Our speaker is a historian and archaeologist who has investigated the contacts between the peoples of Euopean racial origin from the Near East and Old-Europe – with Australia. There are startling discoveries popularised now by a variety of authors. This speaker will present evidence that shows a plethora of contact over the millennia. There will be maps, slides and other specialised material. He has asked for anonymity pending the Forum.

Riiiiiiiight. The European race, eh?

But that’s not all! They’ll also have:

Special Speaker: Tribute To Eric Butler And Geoff Muirden

A short eulogy to two patriotic Australians who died recently and who have contributed in varying ways to Austrlian patriotic politics

Well, don’t make it too short. These two Holocaust-denying white supremacists need all the tributes they can get!

Fight dem back · 25 August 2006 · Discussion

Racist vandalism in Young

From ABC Riverina News:

Young Mayor condemns racist vandalism
Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Mayor of Young Gerry Bailey says he is appalled by the racist vandalism in Young’s Chinese Tribute Garden.

Early last week vandals used considerable force to knock over a large bronze statue of a flying horse and etched racist comments into a pergoda nearby.

News brief · 22 August 2006

Sydney Forum loses second keynote speaker

This time it is international film-maker of some renown, David Bradbury.

Mr. David Bradbury. Blowing In The The Wind. The Politics Of Radioactive Waste In Warfare

David Bradbury is internationally and nationally known as a film producer. His latest film, Blowing In The Wind, documents the appalling truth about depleted uranium shells used by the U.S. war machine in he Middle East since 1991. He will speak and illustrate his talk from the film. This will be an important address for those keen to understand the immoral predatory conduct of the masters of war.

Not only us, but a number of progressive groups contacted Bradbury and the result, as you’d expect, is that David has cancelled his appearance at the Sydney Forum.

What we find most mind-boggling about all this is the minimal research that Jim Saleam actually put into Bradbury. We know he met the film-maker at this year’s Inverell Forum but if he’d punched his name into Google, he would have seen that David Bradbury is one of FDB‘s all time heroes.


He’s the guy who made Nazi Supergrass. Probably the most brilliant documentary ever made on the Australian far right.

Go Jim!

Fight dem back · 22 August 2006 · Discussion

Miller likely to be charged

From the Australian Jewish News.

Kiwi cops to charge avowed anti-semite

Police in New Zealand are likely to charge a self-confessed anti-semite who posted four Jewish addresses on a website filled with anti-Jewish invective.

Nic Miller, 22, of Wellington, was reported in the Kiwi press this week as saing, “I do not like the Jews, not one bit. They should have been exterminated … Jews being in New Zealand is harrassment to me. They do not belong here.”

Professor Peter Muntz, 85, a German-born Holocaust survivor was one of the Jews whose addresses were posted on the site. “I find it deeply disturbing a fellow like this should be allowed to walk free in New Zealand,” he said.

News brief · 22 August 2006