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Lower Hutt Mosque Attack

From the Dom Post:

Nazi signs painted on mosque
31 July 2006

A Lower Hutt mosque spraypainted with 666 and swastikas is resorting to plastic windows after recent attacks.

Muslims arrived at the Lower Hutt Islamic Centre at 6.30am yesterday to find four smashed windows, the Nazi symbol and the number 666 – said to be Satan’s number – scrawled across its exterior walls.

The centre was attacked two weeks ago and had been hit more than five times already this year, prayer leader Khaled Abbas said.

“People are getting very, very upset about it,” said Hanif Khan, who chairs Islamic organisation the Hutt Valley Trust.

“We have not done anything at all. We are peaceful and not motivated to go against people.”

News brief · 31 July 2006

Sydney Synagogue Attack

From the SMH:

Sydney synagogue attack
Jano Gibson
July 31, 2006

A Sydney synagogue came under attack last night when a block of cement was hurled through the glass doors of an attached residence and the windows of two cars on the property were smashed, police say.

The attack happened at the Parramatta and District Synagogue on Victoria Street, Parramatta, about 9.10pm.

Police are investigating the possibility that the attack was religiously motivated.

“There’s nothing to indicate that [but] that is obviously one of our lines of inquiry,” Inspector Troy Platten said.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO, Vic Alhadeff, said the attack was “most certainly” related to the war between Israel and Lebanon.

News brief · 31 July 2006

Passion of the pisshead

Mel Gibson hits the grog and finally confirms what everyone already knew.

He’s an absolute nutbar of an anti-Semite.

The report says Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: “F*****g Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Gibson then asked the deputy, “Are you a Jew?”

That link will take you to TMZ where the whole soon-to-be scandal is discussed in detail. Here at FDB we fielded a couple of calls this afternoon from Sydney and Melbourne metro papers asking for comment on this and well, what can you say? Like dah, he’s an ultra-religiously conservative kook who’s head is filled with “the Joooos killed Jesus” type crap.

Gibson’s father has always been a raving fruitcake and as old age descends on Mad Max ..err Mel, it looks like the same fate is in store for him.

Fight dem back · 30 July 2006 · Discussion

Muslim concern over rash Brash comments

From Stuff.

Brash calls for core NZ values
29 July 2006

National leader Don Brash has sounded warnings about immigrants who do not share New Zealand’s core values, echoing comments from Australia that have inflamed ethnic tensions there.

News brief · 30 July 2006

Hate Crime Shooting in Seattle

From the ABC

Man charged over Seattle ‘hate crime’ shooting

An American man has been charged over a shooting earlier today inside the offices of a Jewish organisation in downtown Seattle, in which one woman was killed and five others were wounded.

News brief · 30 July 2006

Footy Legends

In the comedic tradition of Brassed off and Purely Belter, former young Australian of the year, Khoa Do’s sophormorial directorial effort hit Australian cinemas last night.

Footy Legends is a story about a group of mates from Western Sydney who enter a Rugby League comp to win money to save the orphanage or something.

We’re not too clear on the plot but by all reports, this is one crack up of a film. Official site plus trailer here.

Fight dem back · 26 July 2006 · Discussion

Well, if you want to be a superstar James…

Just ask us.

James Newman AKA JN of NSW’s Central Coast has had a funny ride through the world of neo-Nazism. He’s filmed videos for the Australia First Party and for Blood and Honour. Of course, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION between those two organisations. Australia First’s main deputy Welf Herfurth has recently been helping to organise Blood and Honour gigs but there are absolutely no connections between the two groups.

Fight dem back · 24 July 2006 · Discussion

Some Young Liberals are racist dicks: Who knew?

Footage released of ‘racist’ Young Liberals
By John Stewart, for Lateline

Video: Real | Windows
Read the Transcript.

A member of the moderate faction of the New South Wales Young Liberals has warned of growing racist attitudes in the group’s right wing.

Footage aired on ABC’s Lateline shows Young Liberals chanting: “We’re racist, we’re sexist, we’re homophobic.”

News brief · 19 July 2006

Not enough was done on Polgar

From the AJN:

Lack of political will over Polgar, says Holocaust Centre

JEWISH Holocaust Museum and Research Centre president Shmuel Rosenkranz took a swipe at authorities “who lacked the political will” to prosecute Lajos Polgar, an alleged war criminal who died on Saturday.

News brief · 14 July 2006

I’m dreaming of a Bill White Christmas…

Just like those ones I used to know (ho ho ho ho…)

More tales of the Strange from the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free, y’all – cos those wacky funsters over at Citizens Against Hate have been playing the sort of fun game that EVERYBODY can enjoy: Messing with Nazi heads until they explode.

And boy… the explosions! The explosions!

It’s all very complicated, and we’ll try and give you the whole story (which may well have changed by the time we get to the end), but here’s a quick summary if you’re late for your early morning ZOG briefing.

*The US-based National Socialist Movement’s most famous figure, Bill White, has been given the boot.
*And the CHAIRMAN and FOUNDER, Clifford Herrington, has been THROWN OUT ON HIS ARSE.

Fight dem back · 14 July 2006 · Discussion