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New Right – What A Joke!

Here at Fight Dem Back!, we pride ourselves on having up to date information on every Nazi group in Aotearoa and Australia.

One group we have not profiled yet, however, is New Right. We haven’t bothered with them up until now for one simple reason – without exception, the members of New Right are amongst the most pathetic bunch of Nazis we have ever encountered.

New Right was formed in the wake of former fuhrer Kyle Chapman’s resignation from the New Zealand National Front. When Sid Wilson took over, the Wellington branch of the NZNF left en mass, owing to New Right head honcho Kerry Bolton’s hatred of the NZNF’s new dopehead alcoholic fuhrer.

New Right’s supporters are a handful of sad cases, many of whom will be familiar to Fight Dem Back! regulars.

Fight dem back · 29 June 2006 · Discussion

Fraser: Not even trying to pretend anymore.

We read a lot of racist crap here at FDB. Like, a lot.

Like, heaps.


So that you don’t have to, gentle reader.

One of the worst things that we have to read, though, is the emails from the Adelaide Institute mailing list.

It’s not that they’re any more messed up than anything else we read… it’s just that they wrap their anti-semitism up in a thick layer of freaking boring rhetoric… and there’s just so much of it. We get somewhere between 2 to 7 long emails from these jackanapes a day… and they’re always saying the same thing:

The Holocaust never happened (p.s. the Jooos are evil and run the world!).

The Adelaide Institute is cunning, though! In an effort to hide their true agenda, they hide their anti-semitism beneath a cloud of blatant anti-semitism.

Fight dem back · 29 June 2006 · Discussion

Jim & Eric (sitting in a tree)

We really should let dead Nazis rest, but while going through some old files we found an amusing disparity in the levels of praise that Jim Saleam and Eric Butler had for each other.

“Eric Butler was the sort of seer Australian politics may require again.” – Jim Saleam, on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront, 10/6/2006.

“That Saleam, he is a genuine psychopath.” – Eric Butler, The Bulletin, 4/4/1989.

Fight dem back · 27 June 2006 · Discussion

No barriers

“The old barriers are gone dude, it’s like back in the days you’d play Aussies vs Wogs handball at school and Asians would have their own group and the only time you’d mix with the Lebbos is in the footie team. Look at this crowd, all that shit has been shot to pieces. We’re one people now, no matter what your background. One country, one destiny.”
-Random pissed bloke talking to Darp at Circular Quay

Sadly, this Aussie is too gutted to write much more than that.

We played the Azzuri off the park, we smashed em only to lose by the cruelest of means. We’ve won global respect, no doubt but we did not deserve to get shafted the way we did.

Lucas Neil – stand up and take a bow. You were our best player for the whole tournament.

Fight dem back · 27 June 2006 · Discussion

Memorial attack in Wellington

From the Dominion Post:

Vandals desecrate tomb
22 June 2006

Vandals have struck again at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, smashing a large rock on the monument.

It is suspected that battery acid may also have been poured on the tomb, at Wellington’s National War Memorial, in an attack that has appalled officials.

News brief · 26 June 2006

Synagogue attack on North Shore

From the AJN:

Police investigate attack on temple
Lorin Blumenthal

CHATSWOOD police are investigating an explosion outside North Shore Temple Emanuel (NSTE) on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

NSTE Rabbi Gary Robuck was woken at 1.10am on June 10 to find that the temple’s intercom had been blown up, but he did not inform worshippers of the attack when they arrived that morning for the Shabbat service.

The attack was caught on video camera and given to the police. Three youths are believed to be responsible for the attack, but a police spokesperson told the AJN that there have been no arrests at this stage.

News brief · 26 June 2006

Synagogue attack in Coogee

From the SMH

Break-in blamed on anti-semitism

June 26, 2006

Jewish community leaders are blaming anti-semitism for a break-in at a synagogue in the city’s eastern suburbs.

Vandals broke into the Coogee Synagogue last night, badly damaging the Holy Ark area inside and the handwritten Torah scrolls, which outline Jewish law.

News brief · 25 June 2006

Frank’s Back!

Once upon a time there was a Canadian racist with a seemingly unending penchant for baiting and picking fights with anti-racist groups on the other side of the world. This fellow’s name is Frank A. White and he is a former forum moderator with the World Church of the Creator.

Fight dem back · 25 June 2006 · Discussion

Theatre of dreams

Australia 2
Croatia 2

Australia advance into the knockout phase.

Judging by Rale Rasic’s eyes on SBS this morning, he has already advanced onto the early morning rakija phase.

Fight dem back · 23 June 2006 · Discussion