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Guns & Drugs: It’s the Creator Way!

From the United States comes this wacky tale,
Regarding the older brother of that wacky Matt Hale… (who incidentally had the appeal against his 40yr sentence rejected today – sucked in!)

East Peoria man faces gun charges
Brother of Matt Hale allegedly stole, sold 12 firearms from father

Saturday, May 27, 2006

BY KAREN McDONALD for the Peoria Star Journal.

PEKIN – An East Peoria felon and brother of imprisoned white supremacist Matt Hale was charged Friday with illegally possessing a dozen stolen firearms, including an AK-47 rifle and handguns, according to Tazewell County court records.

David M. Hale, 38, of 217 Randolph St., admitted to his father, Russell Hale, and then to police that he stole the guns from his father and sold them for $2,000 worth of crack cocaine since May 1, according to court records. Russell Hale stored the guns at his residence, which he shares with his son.

News brief · 30 May 2006

Jim Saleam can’t read

See here for Jim putting words into Darp’s mouth.

Then see here for where that quote actually comes from (cos it aint from Darpy).

If you’re interested, see here for the unfolding spectacle with Darp posting as ‘fightdemback’.

Fight dem back · 29 May 2006 · Discussion

Vale Desmond Dekker

Desmond Dekker is dead at 64. The original rudeboy died after collapsing from a heart attack at his home in Surrey, England. Desmond Dekker was a tireless performer and was still performing at the time of his death. He appeared at countless anti- racist gigs which reflects the true universal appeal to all of his music and message.

“Israelites” was and is one of my fave tracks of all time.

I think it’s particularly poignant to this forum, to remind us of the true origins of the skinhead movement.

The dress code started with Jamaican rudeboy dockworkers, and when the mods started a lot of working class youth couldn’t afford the fancy clothes of the mods so adopted the dress and musical styles, mainly ska of the Jamaican rudeboys, with a few mod faves in there as well.

Some more info on Skinhead history can be found on wikipedia.

raz · 27 May 2006 · Discussion

Where Redwatch can lead

A Polish anti-fascist is nearly killed by neo-Nazis after his personal details were posted on Redwatch.

See Indy for more details.

There are some clear lessons for those operating an Australian/New Zealand variants on the Redwatch theme. Will these lessons be heeded?

Who knows.

Fight dem back · 26 May 2006 · Discussion

Alas! Demotions!

Lachlan Black and “Carly White”?

Oh no!

Remember all our talk about PYL Promotions?

Here’s a refresher

We are happy to report that former One Nation politico Lachlan Black is making the big step up to being the Prez of this violent neo-Nazi gang.

Fight dem back · 24 May 2006 · Discussion

Um, okay?

This is essentially gossip, but hell – it’s been a slow week. (if you don’t count the Chinese going after Cyrus1964 and former National Front Australia leader Darren M seeing the light)

Another former member of the WPCA has come out of the woodwork to let a few “clandestine facts” be known.

He alleges:

Yes cumlok [Kromlek/Peter Campbell] belongs to the pansi patrol KGMCC (kinky gay sex motor cycle club!!) Other members include simon laine,jason rafty, tender darling( also knwon ass fresh ass) [Terence Davis] and the godpansie himself Oz nazi (d palmer)!. they also like to get together for a gay orgie occasionally and visit the Taxi club darlinghurst and yes they would like some of darps ass also!.
Just thought i would drop by and let know a few clandestine facts!!

Fight dem back · 12 May 2006 · Discussion

Relax! Cyrus is okay!

It would seem that although Cyrus has escaped the Jews/Chinese/Pentagonians, he could not escape the wrath of the Stormfront moderators!

He had this to say to his fellow Stormfronters:

Guys I’m back for the time being. There are a few things going on at the moment which I cannot discuss online. But you will hear. Fairly soon I will be placing a whole raft of evidence on line concerning the abuse of state power, amongst other things.

As for those posters who believe these are merely a display of paranoid symptoms, I will ram those ****ing words down your throat sideways very soon.

Fight dem back · 7 May 2006 · Discussion