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Firebombing in Toowoomba

from the Courier Mail

Refugees firebombed

Amanda Gearing

April 28, 2006

MOLOTOV cocktails were thrown at the home of a Sudanese refugee widow and her seven children in Toowoomba early yesterday morning, heightening racial tensions in the city.

Khamisa Abui and her children, aged 3 to 16, were sleeping at their rented house in Dalmeny St when they heard thumping on the front door.

News brief · 28 April 2006

Australia First member wants to bust a cap off

Australia First member Aquila Audax is a strange one. In some of his earlier Scumfront posts he states that the interests of Australia and New Zealand’s neo-Nazi communities are best served by ignoring us. He also warns other SF’ers not to wander off into illegal territory with their online posts.

Fight dem back · 28 April 2006 · Discussion

Worldwide Nazi convictions on the rise

From Haaretz Daily:

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Nazi convictions tripled in past year
By Reuters

Convictions of Nazi war criminals rose more than threefold in the past year, challenging conventional wisdom that suspects are now too old to prosecute, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Monday.

But the center criticized some countries ranging from Austria to Syria for what it called a refusal in principle to investigate, let alone prosecute, suspected war criminals despite evidence they lived within their borders.

In a statement, the Jewish group said convictions rose by 320 percent in the past year, with dozens of new investigations against Holocaust perpetrators joining hundreds of other cases.

“Despite the somewhat prevalent assumption that it is too late to bring Nazi murderers to justice (60 years after the Holocaust), the figures clearly prove otherwise,” the center’s Israel director, Ephraim Zuroff, said in the report.

News brief · 27 April 2006

Lest we forget

ANZAC Day is upon us once more and with it FDB’s first birthday.

There is good reason why we chose April 25th as our launch date, the least of which being that we are an organistion that constitutes New Zealanders and Australians coming together to fight the modern day manifestations of the same poisonous ideologies that our forebears fought against.

Fight dem back · 24 April 2006 · Discussion

Armenian stabbed by Russian skins/Jew stabbed by Ukranian skins

Race-hate related attacks in the former Soviet Union keep going from bad to worse.

From The Guardian.

Armenian student killed in Moscow race attack

Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow
Monday April 24, 2006
The Guardian

An ethnic Armenian teenager was stabbed to death in a metro station in central Moscow on Saturday night – the latest attack in a growing wave of racist violence in Russia.

At least six immigrants have been killed so far this month, and many more have been wounded.

Media reports said that a man in black clothing with a shaven head had stabbed the victim several times at Pushkin Square station, not far from the Kremlin, before fleeing.

Vagan Abramyants, 17, a student, died on the spot.

A friend who was with him at the time was badly wounded in the attack.

And from Ynet

Ukrainian skinheads stab Jew

Thugs mark Hitler’s birthday by attacking, stabbing Safed yeshiva students marking Passover in Ukraine

News brief · 24 April 2006

“Don’t patronise me Mat, I’m no bloody David Innes!”

Way to get yourself chucked off Lilith Petersen’s Christmas card list.
See here for all the therapeutic laughter than only poking fun at stupid boneheads can bring.

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Got the Rocky soundtrack loaded up on WinAmp? Press play NOW!

In the red corner, we have a Scumfronter. In the blue, we have an FDB’er

In the battle of the wits, you’ve gotta go with the blue corner on this one.

Fight dem back · 22 April 2006 · Discussion

Racism and the Law seminar

Racism and the Law – Are you getting a Fair Deal ?

2 – 5 pm Saturday 22nd April 2006
Auburn Town Hall, 1 Susan St , Auburn

All Welcome – Speakers include:

* Taghred Chandab- journalist, producer and author of ‘Glory
Garage – Growing Up Lebanese Muslim in Australia’.
* Scott Poynting – auothor Bin Laden in the Suburbs Criminalising
the Arab Other’ and ‘Kebabs, Kids Cops and Crime: Youth
Ethnicity and Crime in Sydney, UWS Associate Professor.
* Le Rhiannon -Greens MP and Justice spokesperson.
* Malikeh Michaels- Auburn Greens Councillor, community
worker and cross-cultural spokesperson.

Contact: Lee – 9230 3551

Malikeh – 0409 233 898

Auburn Town Hall – off Auburn Rd. entrance down walkway next to Sinderalla’s Dress Shop . On left hand side 5- 7 min walk up road from train station towards Auburn Central Public School .

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