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Racial robbery in Timaru

Be on the lookout for any Cantabrian boneheads with a new laptop.

Visiting doctor robbed in Timaru incident
27 March 2006

A visiting Australian doctor had more than $10,000 worth of property stolen in a street robbery in Timaru on Saturday night.

The 28-year-old had been attending a conference at the Bay Hall, and was walking back to his hotel about 10pm. He was walking along Virtue Avenue towards Te Weka Street when he became aware of two men walking behind him.

Constable Chris Hill said the man walked more quickly as he walked up Te Weka Street towards Evans Street. He was talking on his cellphone at the time.

As he neared the intersection with Evans Street one of the men made a racial comment to the doctor and pushed him.

The bag the man was carrying dropped to the ground and one of the offenders looked in it, grabbed the contents, and took off back towards Caroline Bay.

News brief · 27 March 2006

Trouble in Melbourne Town

From the Australian Jewish News:

Anti-semitic incidents surge in Melbourne

A SERIES of antisemitic incidents in Melbourne ’s Jewish community has marred weekends either side of a quiet Purim, a spokesperson from the Jewish Community Council of Victoria ’s Community Security Group (CSG) confirmed last week.

The incidents, which took place on the weekends of March 11-12 and March 18-19, included the drive-by egging of shul worshippers; a violent attack on Jewish teenagers; a bomb threat to a synagogue; and verbal threats made to an Orthodox rabbi.

News brief · 25 March 2006

Jack breaks silence

From the desk of Jack Van Tongeren:


To set the record straight, as the tropical shine suns down, this massive Police operation is the continuation of the 2004CE Police State oppression to stop my legitimate campaigning for and winning of a Federal Senate seat… Make no mistake, my comrade and I now face possible death at the hands of Stalinist like armed TRG and their ilk, or at the best spend the rest of our lives in State run Gulags…

From the West Oz:

Drop bomb counts or I stay on the run: racist


WA’s most wanted man, racist Jack van Tongeren, has finally broken his silence by vowing to remain a fugitive from justice unless police drop three charges against him of plotting to bomb Chinese restaurants.

Despite having been on the run since mid-February, the racist leader sent The West Australian a handwritten statement, dated March 8, in which he claimed he feared police would kill him.

Mr van Tongeren, a Vietnam War veteran whose father was Eurasian said the entire case against him was fabricated in an attempt to keep him from winning a seat in Federal Parliament.

Now, on the run from justice, he could not lead his “Aussie people” into a better age.

News brief · 23 March 2006

Campbell on Christchurch

TV3′s John Campbell takes an interesting look at race relations in New Zealand paying particular attention to Christchurch. Click here to view the video.

For the Aussies out there who remember the days when commercial news and current affairs contained things like ethics and standards, Campbell will be a blast from the past.

Take note of the fantastic ChCh bonehead footage, including rare pictures of former National Front leader Kyle Chapman WITHOUT a pie in his mouth.

Fight dem back · 21 March 2006 · Discussion

March 21st Harmony/Race Relations Day

Together we grow : te ranga tahi

The 21st of March signifies the International day for the elimination of racial discrimination.

The Sharpeville Massacre led the General Assembly of the United Nations to proclaim March 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and call on the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination.

So what does this mean in our part of the world?

Aotearoa-New Zealand: National Race Relations Day. See here for events listings.

Australia: Harmony Day. See here for events listings.

Of course, we here at FDB are prepped for the usual upsurge in bonehead activity that occurs every March 21st.

Be sure to report any sus incident to fightdemback AT gmail DOT com.

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Race hate for top Kiwi athlete

From the Sunday News:

Race hate agony for top Kiwi athlete
19 March 2006

Games medal hope Shafat Salad fled war-torn Somalia to find peace in New Zealand. But on his home streets of Hamilton, Shafat is regularly racially abused and has even had the windows of his family home smashed.

The teen track star is showing his gratitude by representing his new homeland on the world athletics stage.

At 19, Shafat has already been compared to legendary Kiwi runner John Walker and is widely expected to bring us Commonwealth and Olympic Games glory.

But on his home streets of Hamilton, Shafat is regularly racially abused and has even had the windows of his family home smashed.

News brief · 20 March 2006

Sheik it, baby.

Call us cynics, but we get the feeling that Ben Weerheym’s recent support of Palestine has more to do with his hatred of Jews than it has to do with any real desire to see an end to conflict in the Middle East. After all, we are talking about someone who once helped daub the words “6 Million More with Fries” on the side of a Synagogue AND also threw chunks of ham at the Perth Mosque.

The other day, Ben wrote a post on his blog about an American-Palestinian rapper called The Iron Sheik.

Fight dem back · 20 March 2006 · Discussion