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A few cheap ales at The Caringbah

Beer is a bit pricey at Northies these days isn’t it?

The Sydney Stormfront meet-up took place this afternoon at The Caringbah Inn, not at the advertised venue of Northies (Cronulla). We knew this in advance anyway but didn’t want to spoil their fun.

Fight dem back · 26 February 2006 · Discussion

US antifa target AMren conference

It’s that time of year again.

Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance crew have kicked off the mother of all racist convergences at the Dulles Hyatt in Herndon, Va.

A number of notable international guests will putting in special appearances. The BNP’s Nick Griffin and Australia’s own Drew Fraser being the more well known ones to FDB followers.

Derek Turner, the formed head of the Irish Nazi Party is also speaking, and some of the swankier guests include former head of the KKK and owner of Stormfront, Don Black.

Our friends at One People’s Project are busting their hump to shut this baby down and their site will run continued commentary on events for the next few days.

They even spotted our Drew relaxing in the Hyatt foyer with his South African equivalent, Dan Roodt.

Fight dem back · 26 February 2006 · Discussion

Ten years of the Coalition playing the race card

Ten years of the race card is Ten years too many!

* Native title: emasculated
* Stolen Generation: not compensated
* Hansonism: vile embrace
* Tampa: sordid case
* ‘Pacific Solution’: threat overblown
* Truth: overboard thrown
* Asylum seekers: demonised
* Racist flag-wavers: not chastised
* Muslim community: vilified
* WMDs: he ‘bloody’ lied




Initiated by the Refugee Action Coalition and proudly supported by Fight dem back.

Fight dem back · 24 February 2006 · Discussion

Anything to distract us from the AWB scandal

A bit too much bad press going on lately? Time to throw out a furphy and get that embarrassing stuff about the government knowing all about those nasty kickbacks OFF the front pages.

Peter Costello has decided that if he ever wants to get a tilt at the Australian Prime Ministership he needs to act a bit more like an ignorant, reactionary bogan.

Keysar Trad and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie respond nicely however.

Here at FDB we’re not disputing that a small section of Muslim immigrants harbour the sorts of violent beliefs that are most definitely unwelcome in Australian society. The same can clearly be said of known former IRA members who dot building sites in most of our capital cities but seeing as how Catholic bashing went out of fashion a long time ago, you’re not likely to hear any comments like that from our government anytime soon. ISLAM is the devil of the day and don’t you forget it!

What we find objectionable is that there is clearly a manipulative political agenda at work here centred around maligning an entire section of our community based on nothing more than the ignorant beliefs and actions of a tiny few.


Muslim bashing clearly wins votes amongst a community whose leadership has systematically instructed them to fear those guys in long white robes with beards.

That and well, Costello really needs to bolster his bigot credentials lest Howard’s favoured successor, Tony Abbott (who according to Jim Saleam is affiliated with the KKK), steal his candidature from under his nose.

Maybe he could get Alexander Downer or Nick Minchin to introduce him to their mates from the Australian League of Rights and the John Birch Society.

Fight dem back · 24 February 2006 · Discussion

Nazi hunters in NZ

Visit by Nazi hunter turns up information
23 February 2006

A visit to New Zealand to publicise the search for war criminals turned up information needing to be checked out, Israeli Nazi-hunter Efraim Zuroff says.

Dr Zuroff, a Simon Wiesenthal Centre Jerusalem office director, finished his three-day visit yesterday.

“Our primary purpose was to publicise Operation Last Chance which is our project to locate Nazi war criminals unknown to us,” he said.

He told NZPA he was very pleased with the response.

“We have already received a few e-mails and we have to check out the information.”

News brief · 23 February 2006

Ratko rounded up?

From The Aus.

War crimes net tightens on Mladic
Peter Wilson, Zagreb, Croatia
February 23, 2006

EUROPE’S most-wanted war crimes suspect, Ratko Mladic, appeared yesterday to be nearing the end of a comfortable and audacious decade hiding out among his Serb supporters.

News brief · 23 February 2006

The death of a Domobran.

From NineMSN:

Liberal Party figure Urbanchich dies at 83
Thursday Feb 23 00:25 AEDT

Former Liberal Party branch president and accused Nazi collaborator Lyenko Urbanchich has died aged 83 after a battle with cancer.

Urbanchich headed an unofficial Liberal faction in Sydney during the 1970s and 1980s that became known as the Uglies.

Members of the Uglies were accused of holding anti-Semitic and racist views.

Urbanchich was president of the party’s Five Dock branch in 1974.

In 1979 allegations were made in an ABC documentary and in the NSW and federal parliaments that Urbanchich had been a Nazi collaborator and anti-Semitic propagandist for the Slovenian government during World War II.

The Slovenian painter and sculptor vigorously denied the claims at the time.

The Daily Telegraph reports Urbanchich died at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.

News brief · 23 February 2006