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We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

For the sake of Auld Lang Syne, my dear.

As 2005 comes skidding to a halt, we the folk at FDB would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the best for the upcoming year (provided you’re not a racist). If you’re a fash, we hope 2006 proves to be even worse for you than 2005 has been.

Fight dem back · 30 December 2005 · Discussion

Ben Weerheym’s xmas pressie to FDB

Whopping great picture of Space Wizard posted up on Leftywatch

Ben Weerheym has posted some strange pictures on Leftywatch over the last few months. Sporting stars, celebs, dead mafia hitmen and also a few pictures of some Kiwi fash. Granted, we fed all these pictures to him and said they were FDB members just to see how stupid he is.

Fight dem back · 25 December 2005 · Discussion

A trip inside the racist mindset

The last couple of weeks have seen FDB cropping up in all sorts of media. Print, tv, radio and numerous online outlets as well. Of all the stories to have involved us and our work, the following from David King and Paige Taylor in The weekend Australian has to be our favourite.

Fight dem back · 24 December 2005 · Discussion

Whatever you reckon Paolo you fascist shit

From the ABC.

Di Canio ‘fascist but not racist’

Lazio striker Paolo Di Canio is to appeal against a ban and a fine imposed against him following a recent straight-arm salute, claiming that while the gesture is fascist it is not of a racist character.

“I am a fascist, not a racist,” Di Canio told Italian news agency ANSA overnight.

News brief · 24 December 2005

“I hope there is no infiltration here”

We have to admit. We’re loving this “every Nazi for himself” mentality that is sweeping through the Aussie lunar right. Apart from being gut-bustingly funny to witness (and a tad pitiful), it also entails a bumper harvest of top-notch information headed our way.

As you would have read in yesterday’s Tele, the Australia New Nation forum has been blown open.

Fight dem back · 23 December 2005 · Discussion

Having the last laugh

There is a bizarre code of silence in operation over at Scumfront. It’s very simple. If any SF regular gets severely owned by the media or any law enforcement agencies all other SF’ers must react in the following way:

*crickets chirping*

Fight dem back · 22 December 2005 · Discussion

Not exactly Mi6

(Bumpy weather on the server – please be patient)

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from a visible mobile phone number. The chap on the other end claimed to be “ex-PYL” and wanting to find out more information about us. Now, when someone is “ex” anything and in contact with a rival group, surely etiquette entails that the defector offers up information on their former mates before trying to extract anything from the people they are trying to buddy up with.

Fight dem back · 22 December 2005 · Discussion

ASIO to investigate far right groups

From The Oz

ASIO targets race riot ringleaders
Simon Kearney
December 22, 2005

ASIO has launched an investigation into the ringleaders of the racial violence that has swept Sydney.

The targets under investigation by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation include a number of ultra-right-wing groups that took advantage of the December 11 riots at Cronulla, in Sydney’s south.

News brief · 22 December 2005

It’s a Black Attack!

Kick it!

Lately, those wacky kids at Stormfront (often referred to lovingly by we FDBers as Scumfront) have been getting up to a bit of mischief. It’s incite violence this, and plot terrorist acts that with those silly boys.

Stormfront… Gee whiz! It’s detractors say it’s full of neo-nazis and white supremacists, often discussing illegal activities. Fox News says it’s a place for whites to talk about underwater basket weaving and other wholesome activities.

We sent our correspondent Raz out into the internet to see what the deal was with the owner of Stormfront, Don Black…

Fight dem back · 22 December 2005 · Discussion