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Tell your story walkin’

The recent Sunday Star-Times story concerning Ross Baumgarten and Jason M has certainly raised a few hackles in the M camp.

Jason claims that a quote attributed to him at the end of that article is not from him. He instead claims that the person who posted it up was an FDB activist.

Fight dem back · 28 November 2005 · Discussion

Don’t lie to us Alex IV

It’s all getting a tad ridiculous now isn’t it?

If it wasn’t bad enough that Alex Fogerty claimed to speak with certain journalists when he clearly did not then his next perplexing bluff should do the trick for you.

Fight dem back · 22 November 2005 · Discussion

Don’t lie to us Alex III

Following on from installments one and two, it is with great pleasure that we bring you this nugget of bullshit from that fountain of all that is blatantly untrue, Alex Fogerty.

It’s a quickie, so we’ll hop straight to it.

Alex has been posting on Open Gauntlet, a forum where fash and antifa forces can butt heads on a level playing field. Supposedly.

On that link you will see a ding-dong battle between himself and FDB‘s Mat Henderson-Hau (Darp). Apparently Alex has been speaking to journalists to check what sort of information we provide them on racist activists:

Actually, I had a nice chat with your mate Kieran Finnane, you remember him, right? Works for the Alice Springs News, dropped you right in it he did!

One slight problem with this claim.

Kieran is a female.

Fight dem back · 21 November 2005 · Discussion

The NF will self destruct in 10,9,8,7…

One of the fundamental characteristics of all race-hate organisations is their propensity to self destruct within a two year time-frame. The New Zealand National Front is certainly no exception.

Fight dem back · 20 November 2005 · Discussion

Honesty has its own rewards

Let it not be said that Fight dem back kicked off the tradition of offering rewards for information on ‘the other side’.

Last week on Scumfront the sometime t-shirt vendor known as Val_Kyrie posted up an offer of a reward for information on someone who apparently has something to do with FDB

Fight dem back · 19 November 2005 · Discussion

European Double Feature…

It’s all happening in Europe!!!

News brief · 18 November 2005

I’d love to go for a rally outside now…

… THE SUNSHINE’S CALLING MY NAME. But then it got cancelled.

Hey there, kiddies. Remember the other day when we crashed the Stormfront Victoria BBQ?

Well, besides talking about such charming subjects as how they hope that somebody nukes Israel, and fun ways to torment homeless aboriginal people (Oh! How they laughed!), the lads also got down to talking about the STATE OF THE SCENE.

Fight dem back · 17 November 2005 · Discussion

War crime allegations against Australian man

From the SMH:

Australian denies Nazi crimes
November 17, 2005

An Australian man accused of war crimes against Jews during World War II says he has nothing to fear from an inquiry into his past in his native Hungary.

Lajos Polgar, 90, who has lived in Melbourne for more than 50 years, is accused of crimes while he was a member of the Arrow Cross, the Nazis’ Hungarian allies.

News brief · 17 November 2005

Zuroff on Polgar

ABC Radio interviews Nazi-hunter Effraim Zuroff.

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Govt asked to investigate alleged war criminal
The World Today – Thursday, 17 November , 2005 12:50:00
Reporter: Daniel Hoare

ELEANOR HALL: The Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre is calling on the Australian Government to launch its own investigation into a possible war criminal living in Melbourne.

Ninety-year-old Lajos Polgar, who has lived in Melbourne for more than 50 years, is accused of committing war crimes as a member of the Nazis’ Hungarian allies, the Arrow Cross.

News brief · 17 November 2005


Mike Cockerill sums it up best:

In a multicultural nation in a fractured world, the Socceroos can bring together the sum of their parts: Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican. German, Lebanese, Polynesian, Croatian, Italian, Melanesian, Greek. It is a rich tapestry but last night they – and we – were one thing only. Australian.

The Socceroos, a veritable snapshot of multicultural Australia are on their way to Germany for the 2006 World Cup.

Whilst most Australians are cheering tonight’s victory over Uruguay from the rooftopts, the Scumfront Downunder crowd aren’t quite sure what to make of it all.

How about we cause those cogs to grind a bit harder.

The Squad:

Archie Thompson: Born in New Zealand with a Pakeha father and a Papua New Guinean mother.

Fight dem back · 16 November 2005 · Discussion