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Jack won’t be back to attack

From Nine MSN.

RSL hostel ‘unsuitable for neo-Nazi’
Wednesday Sep 21 20:22 AEST

A plan to allow the head of the neo-Nazi Australian Nationalist Movement to stay in a veterans’ hostel while he awaits trial on charges of plotting to firebomb Chinese restaurants has been rejected by justice officials.

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Neo-nazi arsonist gets jail

From the Herald Sun

Neo-nazi arsonist gets jail
Christine Caulfield

A DEATH metal fan who torched a century-old church because Christianity was “weak” has been sentenced to three years in youth detention.

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Storm leaves cloud over Sue

From “The West Australian. ”
Inside Cover by Gary Adshead

One Nation has stood down a WA branch president after Inside Cover turned up evidence that linked her to a white supremacist organisation called Stormfront.
Sue Bateman — aka Suebdoo2 — was summoned to an internal inquiry at the weekend and asked to explain why her internet pseudonym is all over Stormfront’s racist website chat room.

Last week, Ms Bateman agreed she was Suebdoo2 on her One Nation website, in her emails and on other discussion forums, but denied she was the Suebdoo2 on Stormfront — a site which carries the White Pride logo — despite some amazing coincidences.
“That isn’t me,� she said. “I know nothing about this Stormfront.� But today IC can reveal what could be the smoking gun in the Suebdoo2 mystery. A profile of the Stormfront member who posts regularly as Suebdoo2 is almost identical to details given in Sue Bateman’s personal profile on her own One Nation website. “Interests: Politics, computers,� the Stormfront member’s profile reads. “Occupation: Financial controller.� On her One Nation profile, Ms Bateman writes that her occupation is a financial controller and her interests are in “politics and websites�.

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Stormfront is going broke – boo hoo

Courtesy of our friends at Citizens against hate:

Stormfront or Stromfront?

Not Just Morally Bankrupt
by Nicole Nichols

From Riches to Rags? Stormfront, the oldest internet white power site is in financial straits. Was that by design, or just chance? Was there more than the National Alliance in the sights of the Duke camp?

September 19, 2005, Today might be a red letter day as the white power internet giant, Don Black told supporters that he didn’t think going into further debt to keep the Stormfront “Soap Opera� alive was worth it.

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Getting creative downunder

The Australian/New Zealand presence of the World Church of the Creator has always been rather fickle.

In a nutshell, this group was founded on the writings of Ben Klassen and centre around worshipping the white race as a religious entity of some sort. Due to some copyright issue in the US, the group is now usually referred to as the ‘Creativity Movement’.

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Terror Fest explained

“It (Terror Fest) will surely be rife with National Socialists.”

So said ACT Terror Fest organiser AKA Lailoken.

As most of you would have heard by now, the ANU Uni Bar have made the decision not to host this event. If you want to know the actual reasons why they made this decision, you will have to speak to them.

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Bye bye, Baal Gadrial

This just in.

Baal Gadrial are OFF the bill at ANU.

More info to come later, but it would appear that ANU forced the issue with Mr. Lailoken. This event is to be about the music and nothing more.

We will continue to investigate this event, and in particular, the promoter.

FDB would also like acknowledge that most of the bands are definately NOT racist. In particular Darkim stood out as taking a stand against racism on some online forums, and we have been contacted by the management of Leicohtica to state that they are most definately not a racist band. We wish these guys the best of luck.


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Hate metal gig at ANU?

We recieved an SOS this morning from a Canberran FDB’er in relation to a possible hate-metal gig taking place at the Australian National University union bar on October 1st.

The gig entitled the ACT Terror fest II appears to be nothing more than a hardcore metal gig.

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Sue bee dooby doo, where are you?

This from The West Australian – Inside cover.

Storm for One Nation poster girl

Gary Adshead.

Fans of the cartoon Scooby Doo are going to love this, but racists will hate it. The woman in this photograph is One Nation’s east metropolitan regional president and 2005 State election candidate Sue Bateman.

Like anyone in the game of politics, Sue loves to express her views and opinions on everything from the definition of racism to the sale of Telstra.

To get her message out far and wide Sue posts her beliefs on her personal One Nation website and on various internet forums under the pseudonym “suebdoo2�. But when confronted by Inside Cover yesterday, the would-be politician turned a straight forward case of whodunit into the sort of spooky mystery Shaggy and Scooby would quiver over.

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Farewell to the original Nazi-hunter

From The Australian.

Famed Nazi-hunter dies
From correspondents in Vienna
September 20, 2005

HOLOCAUST survivor Simon Wiesenthal, an untiring campaigner who helped track down hundreds of Nazi war criminals, has died in Vienna aged 96, his pressure group has announced.

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