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From The Australian:

Top academic accused of neo-Nazi links.

20 July 2005

SYDNEY’S Macquarie University is investigating allegations one of its senior academics has ties with a neo-Nazi group that wants to ban non-white immigrants.

Andrew Fraser, associate professor in public law at Macquarie, denied last night any association with the extremist Patriotic Youth League.

“I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the PYL,” Professor Fraser said. “Nor have I played any other role, officially or unofficially, in that organisation.”

But the internet website of the PYL, an extremist right-wing group with well-established neo-Nazi links, records Professor Fraser being registered as a “new member” last September. The email address given for him was his Macquarie University work address at the time.

In an email to documentary producer Iain Lygo last March, PYL executive Luke Connors said Professor Fraser was the league’s legal adviser.

In the same email, Mr Connors said he had conducted an online poll asking PYL members to identify the most troublesome minority in their area – “abbos, curry munchers, wogs or chinks?”.

Contacted yesterday, Mr Connors initially insisted Professor Fraser had no association with the league. But told of evidence seen by The Australian, Mr Connors said the Canadian-born academic was the group’s legal adviser. “Yes, it’s true he has been giving us advice but he’s not a member officially.”

Mr Connors denied the league was extremist. “Anyone disagreeing with the left-wingers is labelled a Nazi. We have taken in people who are neo-Nazis but we are not neo-Nazis.”

Mr Connors admitted the league was influenced by prominent neo-Nazi Jim Saleam, who was jailed for three years in 1991 for organising the shotgun attack on the home of the African National Congress’s Australia representative Eddie Funde.

“Jim is giving us useful contacts and advice in a number of areas,” Mr Connors said.

Professor Fraser, 61, said although he was not associated with the PYL, he believed the league’s aims were legitimate.

“It seems ironic that leftists, who have made a meal out of (US) Senator (Joe) McCarthy and his tactics for over 50 years, now seem to be aping those political techniques,” Professor Fraser said.

Macquarie University deputy vice-chancellor Elizabeth More has asked for details about the allegations on Professor Fraser in an email to Mathew Henderson-Hau, who tracks extreme right-wingers for the group Fight Dem Back.

In a letter to the Parramatta Sun last week, Professor Fraser criticised Sudanese migration, saying: “Anglo-Australians are again expected to acquiesce in the steady erosion of their distinctive national identity.”

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