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Racist murder on Merseyside

The Guardian/Observer.

Racists axe black teenager to death

Tracy McVeigh and Amelia Hill
Sunday July 31, 2005
The Observer

A gang of men who murdered a black teenager with an axe in an unprovoked racist attack in a park near his home in Huyton, Liverpool, were being hunted by police last night.

Anthony Walker, an 18-year-old sixth form college student, was killed by a single blow delivered with such force that the axe was left embedded in his forehead.

News brief · 31 July 2005

Toowoomba rallies behind refugees

From the Sunday Mail.

Visit defuses race tensions

By David Murray and Jessica Lawrence

A FEDERAL Government Minister has visited Toowoomba in a bid to defuse simmering racial tension in the city.

Multicultural Affairs Minister John Cobb’s visit follows the circulation of racist material in the city, home to 750 Sudanese refugees.

Toowoomba’s leaders are furious that the actions of a few have tarnished the city’s refugee success story.

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Sydney rallies behind the African Community

Earlier this year, the British National Party tried to cut off a source of funding to the Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association by writing to the GMB asking it to stop making donations. But the union had never heard of the community group — until the BNP told them about it. A GMB spokesperson said, “Slightly hilariously, the BNP have urged their members to ring up the GMB and ask why we are giving money to TWAFA, which we have not. But we will be giving it now.”

Own goal.

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Yerbury wears Fraser’s disdain like a “badge of honour” – Fraser suspended

Di is a babe

From the SMH.

Race row professor suspended for ‘safety’

By Jano Gibson and Tim Dick

July 29, 2005 – 4:52PM

The professor at the centre of a racism row at Macquarie University has been suspended amid safety concerns on the campus.

Associate Professor Andrew Fraser, a member of the University’s Department of Public Law, earlier this month made allegations that African migration increased crime rates.

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Di Yerbury’s straight left

Straight back atchya! Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor Professor Di Yerbury responds with interest.

“… the Dean, has informed Drew Fraser that it will not be appropriate for him to teach until further notice. Other arrangements have been made for the teaching of the two units which he was scheduled to teach in second semester.”

I attach the public statement I released on Tuesday concerning Drew Fraser and his meeting with Tim Sprague, Director Human Resources. In the circumstances set out below, I am also making this email available publicly, including to the press.

Normally I decline to discuss an individual’s employment at Macquarie in the media, but Drew Fraser himself made the choice to discuss this with the press as soon as he was approached by the Director, Human Resources, at my suggestion on my first day back from overseas (Monday this week) with an invitation to come to talk to him about the possibility of retiring earlier.

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Drew Fraser’s right jab

If there is a press release more bitchy than this, Boy George or Joan Collins must be the author.

Associate Professor Fraser Rejects Macquarie Uni Buy-out Offer

29 July 2005

This morning Associate Professor Andrew Fraser formally notified the Director of Human Resources at Macquarie University that he intends to serve out the remainder of his fixed-term, pre-retirement contract. He will therefore remain an employee of the University until 30 June 2006.

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Fraser refuses to retire

From the ABC.

Academic refuses to retire in race row

A senior academic has refused Macquarie University’s offer to pay out the final year of his contract after comments he made sparked a row over racism.

Associate Professor of law Andrew Fraser says it would have been disgraceful to accept the offer.

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The Space Wizard fails to get his speaker

It has come as no surprise that Drew Fraser has been adopted by the racist right as their new poster boy. The lads on the world’s biggest white supremacist web forum, Stormfront are already talking up ways in which the professor can be utilised for their cause.

The jockeying for the professor’s patronage amongst the Australian lunar right has begun in earnest.

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He said/she said

The words “deal or no deal” come to mind in regard to the current dispute between controversial academic Drew Fraser and the Macquarie University admin.

No, I’m not picturing Di Yerbury as a game show host with Fraser as her contestant. Nor am I envisaging that there will be any winners to emerge from this scenario.

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