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PYL President “not rally involved to much anymore.”

A recent communication between Patriotic Youth League president Stuart McBeth of Newcastle and a journalism student from Queensland indicates that we may have more high profile people dropping out of the Australasian nationalist scene.

When approached by the student journo for some comments on the status of his organisation, McBeth replied:

“I am not rally involved to much anymore (sic). i have forwared your request onto PYL media rep Luke. he will reply soon.”

Luke Connors of Melbourne seems to be one of the few active PYL members left. A brief perusal of their official site shows that long-time member and 2IC, Andrew Wilson is no longer the official Sydney representative of the group.

“Darren”, another known Sydney member is listed as the local rep though Darren has also entered into communication with FDB to inform us that he is “no longer active with any group.”

It all begs the question of just who is running the PYL? Since being run out of Sydney and Newcastle in January of this year, these guys have been very quiet.

Is Jim Saleam’s youth group laying low whilst the heat is on or have they gone the way of the New Zealand National Front?

Darp Hau · 31 May 2005 · Discussion

Chapman’s departure – what really happened

This link should get you in the mood for what you are about to read.


It’s official: Kyle Chapman resigns from National Front Leadership.

FDB knew about Kyle’s resignation last week but it was good to have everything one-hundred percent confirmed in yesterday’s Sunday Star-Times.

His grounds for throwing in the towel are somewhat tenuous:

The future of the far-right National Front is in jeopardy after its leader resigned last week because his son was being “persecuted” at kindergarten.

“My son was being told he couldn’t play with kids in kindy,” said Kyle Chapman. “The other kids’ parents were saying he couldn’t play with them because of who his dad was.”

So he quit the NF because the other kids wouldn’t play with his kids at kindy?

We’re not going to speculate on whether or not this happened. If it did, it’s pretty low as the poor kid can’t help who his father is. Instead, we will delve a little deeper into some of the other reasons why the big fella pulled up stumps.

Darp Hau · 30 May 2005 · Discussion

It’s official: Kyle Chapman resigns from NF leadership

Whatever grounds Kyle has given in this article pale into significance compared to the demoralising impact of failing to sign up 500 members in order to be registered as an official political party. Our campaign most certainly helped with his decision making process as well.

Chapman said agitation from left-wing activists had contributed to the “hassle” that prompted him to resign.

Mat Henderson-Hau, an Australian-based internet activist who has been campaigning against the Front for the past year, said he was delighted by Chapman’s resignation. He attributed it to co-operation between anti-racism networks in New Zealand and Australia. “We’re taking care of each other’s shitheads.”

Despite our enmity, all at FDB wish Kyle and his family the best for the future and hope that the big lug mellows out one day and becomes more accepting of his fellow human beings.

Fight dem back · 29 May 2005 · Discussion

Nic Miller launches New Zealand Nazi Party

Nic Miller

Many of you will know Nic Miller as the Kiwi skinhead currently before the courts accused of assaulting Somali refugees.

What some may not be aware of is that he is also the former Wellington representative of the National Front. Sick of copping flack from other NF members over his inability to tone down his Hitler worship, Nic and the NF did a Fleetwood Mac and went their separate ways a month back. Both sides siting irreconcilable differences.

Kyle Chapman, for his part was saddened by Nic’s departure as the two chaps have always been reasonably close. Nic, was reportedly smarting over his being pushed out of the group for openly Nazi tendencies when people like Jason Molloy, who also openly fly the swastika, are permitted to stay in the NF.

Either way, Nic has been very busy since parting company with the National Front and has set about the business of becoming the Fuhrer of his own organisation.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the New Zealand National Socialist Party.

Darp Hau · 28 May 2005 · Discussion

South Island Nazi jokes about “killing a faggot”

White power, swastikas and gay hatred have emerged in the Greymouth trial of two men accused of murdering a homeless and eccentric homosexual five years ago. One of those charged with killing James Bamborough is Leighton Brian Wilding, 38, of Nelson, who has been revealed in the High Court as the master-of-arms in the Fourth Reich, a white-supremacy gang. His co-accused, Hayden Brent McKenzie, 28, was an associate of the gang. Both men have denied killing Bamborough and accuse each other of the crime.

Fight dem back · 28 May 2005 · Discussion

Six Skinheads attack Maori man in Christchurch.

Our members in Christchurch have reported news of an incident occuring in Cashell Mall at roughly 7pm last night. Details are still sketchy but Fight dem back! will provide more information as it comes to hand. What we do know is that six men fitting a standard skinhead description (boots, braces, shaved heads, refusal to fight fairly) attacked a Maori man and left him with severe injuries. The victim was allegedly kicked to the ground and then stomped on.

Stay tuned.

Fight dem back · 27 May 2005 · Discussion

Nazis blackmail McKenzie’s mother

Members of the “Nazi-based” Fourth Reich demanded money and silence from the mother of one of the men accused of murdering a homeless gay man in 1999, the High Court in Greymouth was told yesterday. Westport mother Trish Lee, whose son, Hayden Brent McKenzie, has been jointly charged with murdering James Bamborough, said she paid the money and kept quiet about the murder because she feared the gang would harm her family.

Fight dem back · 27 May 2005 · Discussion

White supremacy ‘influence’ in South Island murder

Hayden Brent McKenzie of Wesport on the West Coast of the South Island was in court yesterday on charges of murder. McKenzie and Leighton Brian Wilding of Nelson are alleged to have killed homosexual James “Janis” Bamborough after a party in 1999. McKenzie’s mother testified against him in court, saying he was influenced by white supremacist views, and that she had been threatened by Wilding to keep quiet about the murder. McKenzie has the words “Die Nigger, Die” tattoed on his forehead.

McKenzie also made the news in 2002, with a 12 month prison sentance for threatening to shoot his then-girlfriend and her dog, after she revealed to him that she had been having sex with the dog while he had been in a 5 week drug rehab program.

Robert Trigan · 26 May 2005 · Discussion

Their attacks only make us stronger

Earlier this year, the British National Party tried to cut off a source of funding to the Tyne & Wear Anti-Fascist Association by writing to the GMB asking it to stop making donations. But the union had never heard of the community group — until the BNP told them about it. A GMB spokesperson said, “Slightly hilariously, the BNP have urged their members to ring up the GMB and ask why we are giving money to TWAFA, which we have not. But we will be giving it now.

Own goal.

That’s the problem racist organisations face. Every time they think they’re making progress, they’re really uniting the community against them. Every time they think they’ve landed a punch, they’ve left themselves open for a knockout blow.

Take the recent Denial of Service attacks against Fight dem back! Sure, this website was offline for a few hours, and I suppose you could call that a victory. The spike in bandwidth cost us a few dollars, and I suppose you could call that a victory, too.

But within minutes of the first wave of attack, we had people coming forward to offer their support. We received generous financial contributions to help cover our costs, and some welcome advice about securing our site in future.

Most importantly, we have a new server. This one has regularly fended off much stronger DoS attacks than the nazi script kiddies managed to muster. It has several extra layers of security, and an administrator who is keen to work with us to add even more. Best of all, it’s free!

So we here at Fight dem back! have a few people to thank. We want to thank the activists who have made this site such a threat to race-hate organisations in Australia and New Zealand. We want to thank the supporters who offered their assistance over the last couple of days. We want to thank our new hosts for their generosity and expertise.

But most of all, we want to thank the racists who launched the DoS attack. Thanks to you, we’re saving money and we’re stronger than ever.

Robert Corr · 26 May 2005 · Discussion

Welcome to Fight Dem Back

After many years of dormancy, 2004/05 has seen a drastic upsurge in the activity of race-hate groups in both Australia and New Zealand.

In Western Australia, Jack Van Tongeren and his associated Australian Nationalist Movement thugs embarked on a massive campaign of racial violence and vandalism. A campaign which saw a number of their members put behind bars.

In New Zealand, the National Front gathered the dregs from ten years of racialist inactivity and united them under the one banner. As expected, the re-emergence of Kerry Bolton and his head bovver boy, Kyle Chapman also coincided with physical assaults on refugees and on Maori cultural symbols.

In Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, the notorious Jim Saleam was back to his old tricks with a new group of impressionable youth under his wing, the Patriotic Youth League. Re-hashed National Action stickers and posters began popping up and in Newcastle at-least, physical assaults on international students followed.

This upsurge in activity also encouraged the smaller fringe groups like the White Pride Coalition of Australia and the New Zealand Nazi Militia to rear their heads up.

All was looking good for the racists until a dedicated group of activists from both New Zealand and Australia came together to Fight dem back!.

In part, we have ‘the fash’ to thank for fostering our trans-Tasman cooperation as a cornerstone of recent racist activity was the unification of Aussie and Kiwi nationalist groups:

NFA + NFNZ = Fight dem back!

Of course, the main thrust of our trans-Tasman unity can be found within the ANZAC spirit. We take inspiration from our forebears who fought side-by-side against the scourge of Nazism and seek to honour their memory by fighting back against the modern day adherents of this poisonous ideology.

Hollow words these are not. Twelve months of campaigning from FDB members and associates has yielded some outstanding results:

  • The New Zealand National Front chased out of Wellington during the “biggest event in NZ white nationalist history”.

  • The Patriotic Youth League and Jim Saleam hounded out of Sydney’s northern suburbs and Newcastle.

  • The Patriotic Youth League run out of central Sydney by a huge Fight dem back! counter-demonstration. See Triple J coverage and video.

  • A number of ANM activists brought to justice over racial vandalism.

  • An unprecedented level of trans-Tasman organisation that may now see visa regulations under review for race-hate activists seeking to travel between our two countries. See FDB discussing this issue on TVNZ news. Download video patch here.

  • The complete disbanding of the Australian National Front Youth.

  • The complete disbanding of the New Zealand Ground Training Club (the “Lemons and Gravel Boys”).

A large part of our success lies in scratching the surface of any ‘nationalist’ and ‘patriotic’ group and revealing the hardcore racist within.

Darp Hau · 24 May 2005 · Discussion