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NF spitter gets 120 hours’ community service

National Front organiser Terrence Tomlinson, 51, has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service after spitting at a 57-year-old man of Maori and Indian descent. Speaking outside the court, Tomlinson explained how the National Front can claim not to be racist: “As far as I’m concerned the National Front isn’t racist. They have a view about the Chinese coming into New Zealand and say it has to stop some time.” Singling out certain immigrants based solely on their race is racist, Terrence.

News brief · 30 April 2005

Anti-semitism in Australia: 2004

From the AIJAC Review:

The Hatred Files

Antisemitism in Australia 2004

By Jeremy Jones

In January 2004, a prominent Christian leader in Sydney invited Jews and Muslims involved in Interfaith Dialogue to observe a Church service before adjourning for the opportunity to engage informally with his congregation and with each other.

After having the opportunity to witness rituals of intense meaning, I joined the first group of guests escorted to the hall for the post-service function, chatting with Muslim and Christian young adults on the opportunities for dialogue in the coming year.

We waited for the second group to arrive, and when they did, after some delay, we learnt that a Jewish teenager in that group had been harassed, had his kippah ripped from his head and witnessed first-hand the lack of immediate, authoritative response from the congregants who were hosting him.

The day earlier, a Jewish student was in the process of accomplishing the mundane task of buying a textbook for her university course when a salesperson subjected her to an antisemitic tirade, prompted by the fact that the subject of the book was the Nazi genocide.

A few months later, the organiser of a Jewish community function in Melbourne was checking the text messages on his telephone, and amongst the social chit-chat found anonymous, aggressive antisemitic abuse.

As the year continued, Jewish Australians repeatedly reported abuse and harassment as they walked to and from synagogue, suffered from insults and threats via email, were recipients of obscene and aggressive faxes, letters and mail-drops, and witnessed vandalism of communal property and daubings of repulsive graffiti.

News brief · 30 April 2005

Jason M — counter-intelligence specialist

About two weeks back, Jason M (New Zealand National Front Webmaster, Head of “Intelligence,” and Internationally Renowned Cage Fighter) began commenting on Darpism. He posted from a number of different IP addresses but the most common one was Presumably from his favourite “IPlay” net cafe on Queen Street, Auckland.

For, as the French would say, le example:

I’m part Italian you steaming pile of shit, watch your mouth. As for the rant by Banana, you probably don’t know this, but hitler wrote two books, painted 12 award winning paintings (most are currently in a private collection worth $800 million) and designed many beautiful buildings still featured in Germany today.
M | 04.18.05 – 5:18 am | IP:

Last week, someone claiming to be a “Peter Wolfwitz” emailed me from this exact same IP address.

To set the scene: Jason M fled the recent NF/Blood and Honour/Deaths Head gig in Wellington crying manly Aryan tears, after he was held down by some of the older lads who strategically shaved half his head off. Well, half of the hair on his head at any rate.

Darp Hau · 29 April 2005 · Discussion

More from Ace Rimmer

More mail from Brendon Rimmer, the NF Youth Officer:

From :Brendon Rimmer
Sent :Thursday, 28 April 2005 9:22:00 AM
To :

The New Zealand Nazi Militia started a a few months after my 18th birthday almost 20 now would make it a year and a half or just under since i havent been a “facist” Im not denying anything either sure i USED to be a “NEO nazi” but people mature over time there darp well some of us aye

Yes, Brendon is very mature. I’m sure he has matured in leaps and bounds in the 12 months since this photo was taken. What a perfect “yoof” representative!

Brendon with a group of neo-Nazis

The issue is not when his NZ Nazi militia started, it’s when it ended. Actually, that isn’t the issue either. The only issue is, will the new “Nazi Free” NZNF tolerate this person as their Youth Officer?

He does seem quite intent on claiming that he isn’t a Nazi anymore and living in Taupo, a town with a high Maori population, who can blame him?

So Brendon, other than simply telling us that “you have changed” and are no longer a neo-Nazi, would you care to extrapolate on a some of these drastic changes that have occured in the last twelve months?

Don’t just give us “I’m not a Nazi anymore, you’ll just have to take my word for it”, give us the nuts and bolts of your ideological stance as a neo-Nazi and explain how that has changed now that you are a member of the “non-Nazi” National Front.

Remember, insofar as Fight dem back! views it; people holding onto the core beliefs of Nazism are Nazis, whether they actively sport a swastika or not.

Darp Hau · 29 April 2005 · Discussion

“I’m not a Nazi anymore, that picture is like two months old!”

Fight dem back! recently received correspondence from one Brendon Rimmer (aka Proud European), the official youth representative of the New Zealand National Front. See, Brendon is a tad miffed that these photos were aired:

Brendon Rimmer in swastika t-shirt

Brendon Rimmer at far left

Brendon is far left.

His email reads:

From : Brendon Rimmer
Sent : Sunday, 24 April 2005 11:05:05 PM

To Matt

just sending an email to inform you of some changes that need to be made to your site for one me with the swastika shirt was a year or 2 before i joined the NF and peoples ideas change lots in years.

The swastika shirt is from a “year or 2″ before joining the NF? Couldn’t you be a bit clearer? No, well — let us clarify a few things for you.

Darp Hau · 27 April 2005 · Discussion

Newcastle synagogue vandalism — who is to blame?

From YNET:

Synagogue desecrated in Australia.

A synagogue in Newcastle, Australia was desecrated, as seven windows were smashed and anti – Jewish slogans, including “Hitler was ‘ere,” and “Jews must die,” were spray-painted on the building’s walls, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The graffiti included a crossed-out Star of David and “88″, neo-Nazi code for “Heil Hitler.”

The racist taunts were painted on the wooden doors and brick walls of the Tyrrell Street synagogue, which has about 30 people in its congregation.

Police said the attack occurred on Wednesday night, which would have been Adolf Hitler’s 116th birthday, and only a few days before Pesach.


Neighbours told police they heard glass smashing about 2.15 a.m., then saw two young men run along the street.

A number of anti-semitic incidents, as well as attacks on local Muslims, have occurred in Australia in the past few years. Lasty July anti-Semitic slogans were spray-painted on a synagogue in Perth, and a number of other buildings were vandalized as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald also followed this story but both of these online articles have failed to mention the fact that stickers belonging to the White Pride Coalition of Australia were left at the scene (as reported by Gabriel Fowler in the Newcastle Herald).

This poses a number of questions. Firstly, were the two men seen running from the scene of the crime actual members of the WPCA and if so, how freaking stupid can they have been to have left their calling card behind?

Darp Hau · 25 April 2005 · Discussion

There is no ‘I’ in ‘Enemy’

If there were any National Front members at this morning’s Anzac dawn service in Auckland, I didn’t see them — they were either too cold to strip down to their NF t-shirts, or too afraid of copping a walking-stick over the head from the RSA.

But you might have seen instead, a tiny Chinese woman in a long purple puffer-jacket being lifted up by her strapping white boyfriend to see the old soldiers over the heads of the crowd, like your dad would lift you up. You would have seen people bundled up in families, their clothing brushed by the orange dawn, patient and mute as the grave. You would have heard a cellphone ring briefly during the minute of silence. I was wishing I’d brought my grandmother, though she would never have roused herself so early, and would have been disappointed at the lack of food available.

The previous week, a troupe of eight or so National Front members were spotted having a natter and a latte in the Open Late Cafe. That’s right chaps — Ponsonby. What is the far right coming to? Sources informed me they were up for some anti-China demo. Did anyone, um, notice? Before my 2004 adventures in the Deep South (Wellington) I’d had no personal contact with any white supremacists. The National Front in Auckland — now that’s funny. Imagine how bored white Aucklanders would be if, in accordance with the NF policy, all the Asians and Pacific Islanders were repatriated to their countries of origin? What would they eat? Who would be left to complain about? Who… well… Who would be left?

Tze Ming Mok · 25 April 2005 · Discussion

Welcome to Fight Dem Back!

No, this isn’t the final product, merely a stepping stone.

The proper Fight dem back! site will be launched soon. We were due to go live on ANZAC day but some teething problems with the server have held us back. We want to ensure that our site is 100% hack-proof and thus far, the people who have been invited to hack it to test our firewalls, haven’t had too much trouble.

Back to the drawing board on that one.

Launching on ANZAC Day was important so we decided to go ahead with a temporary blog format. Who knows, it is successful, we’ll probably keep a “blog style” when we move to our own digs.

We also have a forum which should begin to take shape soon. We look forward to seeing all the old Punkas crew there.

It is on this day that all Australians and New Zealanders think back to the enormous sacrifices that our forebears made. The ANZAC spirit encompasses the highest ideals of what Aussies and Kiwis can achieve when we work together; this is the spirit in which Fight dem back! was conceived.

Our name of course comes from the famous song by UK dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Fascists on the attack?
Don’t worry about that.
Fascists on the attack?
We will Fight dem back!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Johnson for his encouragement and permission to use his song title as our campaign name.

Most of what you read on this blog you will already have seen before on Darpism, though there are quite a few new tidbits and more to come over the following weeks.

It’s been roughly eight years since either Australia or New Zealand had a cohesive anti-racist campaign group up and running. In that intervening period, the forces of neo-Nazism, race-hate and fascism have steadily re-emerged from under the rocks from whence they came.

It’s time to put them back in.

Fight Dem Back, we believe, is the first combined Aussie and Kiwi operation. In a world where the Australian Prime Minister would prefer to attend a BBQ rather than put in an appearance at the official New Zealand Gallipoli ceremony, we feel that this is a big achievement.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about what our organisation does, please contact us.

Darp Hau · 25 April 2005 · Discussion

New Zealand National Front angers ANZAC veterans

From today’s Sunday Star-Times:

National Front angers Anzac vets

The National Front plans to attend Anzac services around the country tomorrow, outraging the Returned Services Association.

RSA chief executive Pat Herbert has received emails from members who were angry and upset that the neo-fascist organisation would attend Anzac ceremonies.

“The RSA would be obviously appalled and it would disgust most New Zealanders. New Zealand does not need groups like these,” Herbert said.

The RSA could not stop National Front members attending services but “they certainly will not be welcomed if they come flying their colours”.

Herbert said the National Front represented everything Anzac soldiers had fought against.

“The incongruity of this is that those who belong to this organisation with its warped ideals and statements about supremacy also claim they’ll be there remembering family members and relatives who put up the supreme sacrifice fighting the ideals they espouse.”


[F]ascist and white supremacist views are commonly posted on websites by New Zealand National Front members and sympathisers.

One person from Waikanae calling themselves waffen-ss-panzerkommando, after a WWII German tank unit and the Nazi secret service agency, says “not only is Anzac Day a time to honour our men who died bravely defending their nation from the Yellow Scum in the Second World War, but I also believe it creates a bond between Australia and New Zealand – two white brothers who share a lot of things in common”.

RSA members said they found such views abhorrent and an insult to fallen soldiers.

Wellington man Barrie Sargeant, whose grandfather fought in World War II and spent years in German POW camps, said he was deeply offended by the presence of the National Front at services.

“I am sure that many will share my revulsion at this attempted desecration of a national day of remembrance for the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives fighting fascism.”

Let’s just hope Kyle keeps his Iron Cross tattoo covered up.

ANZAC Day commemorates the deaths of all Australians and New Zealanders who fought and died in all conflicts on all fronts. During WWII, many of those fronts were in places like Tobruk, El Alamein and Normandy.

And guess what: the enemy in these titanic battles was not the imperialist Japanese. The enemy of the ANZACs in their European, Mediterranean and North African campaigns were Nazis.

They were the sort of people who now line up with the National Front.

Darp Hau · 24 April 2005 · Discussion

Vale Al Grassby, father of Australian multiculturalism

All Grassby

It is with great sadness that Fight dem back! marks the passing of the great Al Grassby, Australian immigration minister from 1972 to 1974.

He passed away peacefully in a Canberra hospital this morning after suffering a heart attack on Thursday evening.

Grassby is responsible for sweeping away the last vestiges of the White Australia Policy and for ushering in a new era multicultural tolerance and acceptance.

A life-long campaigner for human rights and social justice, Grassby’s political career sports an impressive resume. Some of the many achievements during his tenure as immigration minister include:

  • The right to remain in Australia for overseas students on the successful completion of their studies and when their services were sought by an Australian employer.

  • The right of parents of Australian born children to remain in Australia. In announcing this Grassby said, “We must stop making war on children.”

  • Granting passage assistance to Vietnamese orphans coming to Australia and later extending to orphans from any country.

  • Removal of limitations in the amount of non-English language programming on radio and television.

  • Exclusion of racially selected sporting teams from Australia.

  • Decision to apply new non-discriminatory procedures for selection of migrants and issue of tourist visas.

  • Repeal of Section 64 of the Migration Act 1958-1966, the last of the old discriminations against Aboriginal Australians, which required them to seek special permission to leave the country.

  • Establishment of a new series of migrant education centres in State capitals to provide facilities for migrant instruction and a focal point of the migrant education program in each State.

  • Establishment of Community Relations Committee of the Immigration Advisory Council to enquire into the discrimination against, and exploitation of, migrants and the use or non-use by migrants of community services.

  • Development of a home tutoring scheme particularly to reach migrant women at home, using voluntary tutors and a home tutoring kit based on a kit used in Great Britain, but adapted to Australian requirements.

  • Amendment of the Aliens Act 1947-1966 to eliminate the annual notification of address, occupation and marital status by aliens.

  • Rise of persons granted Australian citizenship from 38,402 in 1972 to 57,102 in 1973, an increase of 48.7%.

  • Australia’s first amnesty for illegal immigrants.

  • Amendment of the aliens registration policy to remove restrictions on the changes of names by aliens.

Al Grassby as the father of Australian multiculturalism has long been enemy number one for local race-hate groups. Ironic that with his passing, a new campaign should spring up to build upon his legacy of defying racism, bigotry and prejudice.

Grassby was also the life-long enemy of the fashion police with his penchant for wearing the most spectacular ties.

Al was a warm hearted, larger than life figure who will be sorely missed. Stay posted for the latest on his funeral arrangements.


Racism – No Way.

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Darp Hau · 23 April 2005 · Discussion