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Kiwi media takes up FDB campaign

National Front corruption of children

Fight dem back! had a fair bit to do with this article:

[Kyle Chapman] said he had given permission to a group of Sydney schoolboys, who recently set up the Australian National Front Youth, to distribute “starter packs” of pamphlets and magazines in school.

The group, which recruited through a website and public pamphleting, ordered T-shirts from Chapman and used the front’s insignia and literature.

One of the leaders, Darren Mortley, claimed on the group’s website last month that “in my school racial issues are going nuts, people are walking round with Hitler Youth flags on their folders and are receiving starter packs of stickers and flyers and mags to be interested”.

Darren told the Sunday Star-Times the youths involved had since severed their ties to the National Front after being harassed by left-wing activists. “The group is gone. It was blown out of the water by some lefties,” he said.

Blown out of the water, eh? Nice work everyone.

Guess where Darren (aka Iron Brotherhood/Proudskinhead88) has found a new home?

One of our larger crowds gathered on Saturday 19/03/05 outside Blacktown Station with other patriotic groups for a successful leaflet distribution and friendly engagement with locals on a range of issues. The amount of material sold from our stall shows a keen interest for nationalism among Sydney youth. It was a fantastic day well organised by Darren and the PYL Sydney team. (Emphasis added.)

Of course, that’s no error on their part. It’s a “white pride lives on” kind of statement. It’s all cool — with their newly acquired WPCA/NF refugees, the direct links between the PYL and neo-Nazism get firmer by the minute. Especially when one of their other new recruits, Goobs, is famous for statements like this:

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For the sake of image of the National Front and WNs we are all going to have to tone the nazism. Whilst i understand that hitler was a great man, it gives the left more ammo to use against us.

Australian National Front Youth

Hail Victory

Jim Saleam’s Aotearoan adventure

New Zealand’s TV One put together an excellent report about Jim Saleam’s recent trip abroad — check out the video clip. I’m quite happy with the outcome — law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Tasman have been alerted to keep an eye on these groups.

There is minimal chance of Saleam getting into NZ again, and and even slimmer chance of any NZNF representatives getting into Australia for Saleam’s “big” August conference.

Darp Hau · 20 March 2005 · Discussion

Kyle Chapman likes to play with guns — and shoot his family

Kyle Chapman wearing SS armband Kyle Chapman playing with a big gun

Who is this psychopath? Why it’s Kyle Chapman, head of the NZNF. A mature, responsible and perfectly sane individual who is hell-bent on kicking off a fourth Reich in the South Pacific. Aren’t these just the sort of “blast from the past” photos you don’t need when you’re trying to remodel yourself away from a firebombing and criminal past towards something more “legal”, reasoned and vote-catching?

Of course, Kyle is not a Nazi. He just likes wearing an SS armband.

I’m not sure about why he is wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, considering Roger Waters’ well known left-wing pacifist leanings and staunch opposition to fascism. The whole ethos of The Wall was a vicious lampooning of the fascist mind-set.

Come now, don’t laugh. We’re all not as “confused” as Kyle is. If you were his mental age you’d also be taken in by those pretty colours and tough looking marching hammers.

But we’re getting off topic.


What do I know about guns? Not a lot, so it’s time to call in the gun experts.

Darp Hau · 18 March 2005 · Discussion

Ben Weerheym will believe anything

When you use the internet, your IP address is like a footprint left at the sites you visit, and it can be used to trace you back to your service provider or even your physical location.

While undercover on a Nazi forum, I convinced Ben Weerheym that I was a computer software coder who invented my own IP Blocker. Ben became very excited as I explained how the process works (it doesn’t, I can’t code at all and I doubt if it’s even possible to make one). He got so excited, in fact, that he fired off this email to the real me:

From : aussie Patriot
Sent : Monday, 7 February 2005 10:55:15 AM
To :
Subject : shut it Darp

I would watch my step darpy, there are alot more bigger and badder people out there and you are doing a good job of pissing them off.

I replied that someone serving a ten month suspended sentence for racially motivated attacks probably shouldn’t be threatening people over the internet as they could get in a lot of trouble. He replied:

From : aussie Patriot
Sent : Tuesday, 8 February 2005 9:55:53 AM
To :
Subject : oh, also

I use an IP blocker, I wrote the code myself, I work in IT as you will see from various news articles so you see, whatever you have is wrong (much like your rhetoric)


Ha ha ha! Not only did he claim credit for somebody’s work, he claimed credit for my work, and I know it doesn’t exist!

Ben’s a very gullible boy.

Darp Hau · 15 March 2005 · Discussion