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Accused Nazi rapist appears in court

From the Wanganui Chronicle:

Court appearance

By Sean Hoskins

The man accused of the rape and murder of Wanganui barmaid Tania McKenzie appeared in Wanganui District Court yesterday.

Shane Daniel Randle, 26, unemployed, of Wanganui is accused of raping, sexually violating and murdering Tania Rebecka McKenzie on January 7.

Randle appeared before Judge Patrick Mahony and was escorted into the dock by police detectives.

He wore a grey singlet which revealed heavily tattooed arms covered in Celtic designs and other patterns.
The left side of his neck sported a swastika and the letters SS were tattooed at the top of his chest.

News brief · 23 February 2005

Kyle Chapman asks for a defamation suit

It seems that my piece outlining Kyle Chapman’s criminal history and inability to spell above kindergarten level has sent the NZNF into major damage control.

It’s been almost a week since they issued their 24 hour deadline for me to remove the post:

You have 24 hours to remove the post and stop the bravado. Do not underestimate what you’re up against just because you’re yet to get your hands dirty. This is your last warning.

… and nothing at all has happened in the meantime.

Naturally, Kyle is concerned that any defamation action launched against people in Australia could have ramifications for him and his organisation. He’s still talking tough (and thick) as ever, seemingly unable to comprehend that large numbers of people on both sides of the Tasman are getting on board the Fight dem back! campaign against him and his racist mates.

Kyle is not generally active on Stormfront (as NZTrooper), but he has certainly been busy on that site in the last two days. Click here to see the threads.

Topic: NZNF TV Adds

Topic: Nazi Extremists ( Multi-page thread 1 2 3 )

National Front Australia ( Multi-page thread 1 2 3 … Last Page )

Poll: Cival War in New Zealand ( Multi-page thread 1 2 )

This is all just “business as usual” bluff and buster. I mean, when an organisation in trouble starts talking up the idea of making television commercials as a means of proclaiming how big they still are, you know that the group in question is really up shit creek in a barbed-wire canoe.

I have now heard from three different sources that the NZNF’s Secretary, Kerry Bolton (the Satanist guy, hated by the rank and file, who handles all their administrative and literary stuff) has walked away from the organisation. We all know what a great speller and wordsmith Kyle is — how does he fill the void left by Bolton’s absence? How does he turn the computer on? How does he “pres big buton on kompooter machinne and make prety colors and lites come up so write fings”?

Darp Hau · 21 February 2005 · Discussion

Cockroaches scurry away

The Australian National Front Youth Forum has been wisely taken offline. Apparently, this is due to “financial reasons.” Strange, considering it’s a free message board and all.

Interesting to see that the last entity to sign up to this board was — you guessed it! — the Patriotic Youth League. Oh well, I guess NF tentacles being closed due to “financial reasons” could be a taste of things to come.

Still, every single page of this web forum has been saved, cached, burned to disk and sent as far away as Perth in WA and Christchurch in NZ.

The pictures below are taken from the ANFY forum. Confirmation that no matter where these groups are operating — the Sydney suburban fringe, the Southland hills in NZ or the backwoods of West Virginia — these guys just love taking to the bush and playing Soldier of Fortune.

Nazi camp Nazi camp Nazi camp


Weezil has some excellent news.

A friend of mine once said that far-right groups only set up a public presence on the web so as they can attract like-minded individuals (as few and far between as they are). Shine a spotlight on them and these guys scurry away and hide like the cockroaches they are.

Well, first the NFY forum was pulled down due to “financial reasons.” Now the WPCA Forum has been pulled due to “mass infiltration by leftist swill.”

I think that clearly illustrates the point.

Darp Hau · 20 February 2005 · Discussion

The Nazis turn nasty

It seems that my post regarding Kyle Chapman and the NZNF has ruffled a few feathers across the Tasman. You might have seen the death threat that was posted on Darpism:

One by one, everyone in this crusade of yours will be held to account before you are. I’m sure you know that’s the way these things work in the grown ups world. Can you live with the guilt? Will will start at ‘W’ and work our way back alphabetically through every smartarse who ever graced this blog.

You have 24 hours to remove the post and stop the bravado. Do not underestimate what you’re up against just because you’re yet to get your hands dirty.

This is your last warning.

Pfffft. I’m used to that sort of rubbish. Threats and warnings don’t affect me.

The move into Australia

As many people are now aware, The New Zealand National Front is frantically trying to expand into Australia.

The Australian neo-Nazi scene has always been very fractured with various groups usually spending more time ripping into each-other than they do trying to promote the aims of “the movement.” It was a similar case in NZ until the National Front came along and helped unite the disparate factions underneath a single banner. It is this miraculous unification that Kyle Chapman and co are hoping to repeat in Australia.

Unfortunately for them, the Aussie scene amongst the established nationalist activists has proven to be too fractured and divided. Blood feuds between the old Australian Nationalist Movement crowd and Saleam’s people (PYL) are too long and hate-filled to overcome. It’s the same story with the Stormfront Downunder regulars and splinter groups like the White Pride Coalition of Australia.

Darp Hau · 19 February 2005 · Discussion

National Front Youth merges with Patriotic Youth League

The Australian National Front Youth (Goobs, Iron Brotherhood, etc) have officially merged with the Patriotic Youth League. Here’s what Goobs had to say.

Poll Question: Do you have a problem with merging with the PYL
Yes (0%)
No (100%)

Posts: 104

For the Sydney people
« Thread started on: 02/10/2005 at 07:08:41 »

I’ve made my decision, but i’d like it if you guys did as well so i know whether your going to join the PYL or whether you want to stay.

Australian National Front Youth

Hail Victory

Goobs then goes on to introduce himself on the PYL forum.

Darp Hau · 18 February 2005 · Discussion

An introduction to the NZ National Front

The Chapman brothers

The NZNF tried to stage an anti-immigration rally in Wellington on 23 October 2004. Here are a couple dozen of them looking hard:

National Front contingent

And here are the combined forces of Multicultural Aotearoa, who came together to oppose them.

Diversity yes, racism no!

The day turned into the usual rout with the thirty Nazis being hounded out of town by two thousand protesters. A few of them also copped a solid caning as they tried to leave the city on the trains.

Darp Hau · 16 February 2005 · Discussion

Soldier’s site had KKK links

From ABC Queensland:

Army investigates website’s KKK links

Tuesday, 8 February 2005

The Australian Defence Force is investigating a racist website, allegedly set up by a soldier at the Lavarack Barracks in Townsville.

The website, which contained links to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and anti-religious material, has been shut down.

Commander of the 3rd Brigade, Brigadier Mick Slater, says the soldier is still on duty pending further inquiries.

He says while there were links to the Ku Klux Klan, the site did not contain material promoting the group.

“I do know that there were both images and words of a racially discriminating nature,” Brig Slater said.

“There was anti-religious material on there and there were links to other websites such as the KKK, but there was no KKK material I think on that site.”

The publication of a photograph in November last year of Australian soldiers posing as members of the Klu Klux Klan with Aboriginal service personnel at the Lavarack Barracks sparked criticism of the armed forces over the treatment of Aborigines.

In May last year, six soldiers from the same barracks were found guilty of cruelty to animals after they tortured and killed a litter of kittens.

News brief · 8 February 2005