The public and private faces of Stuart McBeth

A word of warning. What you are about to read will make your blood boil. Go take a nice long walk, read a book, chill out, relax and then come back with a clear head and be ready to be pissed off. It was doubly hard to write all this up and not feel the need to put my fist through the monitor every five minutes. No matter, I’ve got the PCYC ring booked for two hours later tonight. I pity the poor bastard I’m sparring with.

Let’s begin.

I promised myself I was going to leave the PYL stuff for a while but after delving deeper into their inner workings, I couldn’t hold back.

It’s time to completely blow apart their public facade of merely being a ‘nationalist’ group. Take this example of how some online databases are choosing to represent them:

The PYL was founded in late 2002 by its current President, Stuart McBeth. McBeth was and is a student attending N.S.W. Newcastle University. McBeth had previously been involved with One Nation and was interested in building a youth movement with a nationalist expression.

The PYL is classified as a right-wing Nationalist organisation. The PYL describes it’s position as pro-Australian with nationalism as its guiding spirit. While some commentors have equated its stand against multi-culturalism as racist, the PYL has largely avoided this label because of its polite and respectful attitude toward minorities.

Furthermore because the PYL has avoided the violent confrontations and marches of previous right-wing groups it has broaded it range of appeal to youth. By adopting elements of Euronationalism whilst adapting them to the Australian context the PYL is beginning to emulate the succes of the European Nationalist parties such as the Front National and BNP.

The PYL has spread quickly from its birthplace in Newcastle to other areas. It currently has branches in nearly all Australian Eastern Seaboard cities, including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne the Central Coast, and of course Newcastle.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, McBeth says the league is not racist and has Asians among its 50 members. “We’re just about being proud of our culture, like other people are of theirs.”

Remember, I was told over the phone that you gotta be an ‘Aussie’ to join. Sorry, I know I keep hammering that point over and over.

How about these assertions from the official PYL site:

We oppose racism and the notion of racial supremacy in all its forms.


The Patriotic Youth League totally rejects racism or the hatred of people simply because they are of a different race.

Just keep that in mind as I rattle off this list of quotes and links that Stuart McBeth has left on Stormfront (posting as Eureka Spirit). All hyperlinks will take you to the message threads that I quote from. How do I know it’s him? Well, certain members of the PYL let that little nugget of info slip through to me during one of my undercover phone calls. Hey, it’s not exactly classified information up Newcastle way. All of Newcastle Uni knows it and anyone who has ever written a story on them in the mainstream media knows it as well.

So, McBeth won’t publicly admit to believing in the notion of racial supremacy, but on Stormfront he kicks off with:

Hi all,

Just checking in for the first time. Seems to be lots of great uncensored and intellectual discussion happening in stormfront.

Free Pauline !


From then on in it’s one gem after another. For someone who doesn’t believe in racial supremacy, I find it a tad contradictory for him to be championing eugenics:

Yes Eugenics is the crucial science needed to free our people. The notion of universal humanism acts as a fortress on the moral high ground for lefties, muliracialists and globalist scum. The arguments must be accurate, intellectual and moral. The ability to smash the universal humanist ideal is vital for our movement to progress from reactionary fringe dwellers to a respectable force for good in all aspects of life.

And how about mixed-race adoption?

I often see yuppie degenerates with black babies as a fashion accessory. Less abortions for whites and adoption of local white children should be priority.

Totally abhorrent!

Let’s not forget those wily Jews:

Horror story for the day.

Costello will challenge Howard then ensure Malcolm Turnbull will take over leadership. Now Kerry (Jew) will be US president, Michael Howard (Jew) will become pm after Blair is booted out and Turnbull (Jew) may become pm with out having first being a MP. If not jews still control labor party anyway.

And of course Asians:

We must fight this asianistation thing to death just like every other aussie generation has when the rise of yellow peril threatens our shore. We must campaign against those who stand for a Eurasian society.

How is that for a polite and respectful attitude toward minorities?

I don’t think the Asian members (chuckle) of the PYL would appreciate you saying that kinda stuff Stu! Oh, and let me remind you again, Stuart McBeth claims he isn’t racist. Well bugger me with a pitchfork, for someone who isn’t racist, he’s sure as hell got a spot for the swastika.

I to prefer the eureka flag/southern cross as well. I think the swastika is just one of many runes that could be used to symbolise the greater high culutre of the Aryans. The choice of the life rune by the NA was good. [Our emphasis.]

So “Aryans” do have a superior culture? Well a greater high culture at least. I don’t understand Stuart? On your official Patriotic Youth League site you say that you oppose the notion of racial supremacy in all it’s forms. He continues:

It should be remembered that Asians also use the swastika as a symbol of good luck. It was only a couple of years ago that jews in the US were upset because the Chinese manufacturers had put swastika’s on toy pandas found in bon bons.

I am not a national socialist I am a national democrat. I believe all that is needed is a commitment to racial integrity in the constitution of a democracy. A dictator is a distraction that can be easily swayed or killed.

His public facade is understandable, especially when he admits that complications would arise if he showed his true colours.

The league believes in racialism but not racism. You see how the National Front in NZ works with racialist maori groups. We had white paper on race and nationalism that will be put into the framework of policy soon. You can’t be a racist organisation and get registered at universities as a club or society or get allowed rights of demostration etc. [Our emphasis.]

You’ll notice in that online encyclopedia article at the top that one of the reasons being attributed to the rapid growth of the PYL is the fact that they are not acting like typical skinhead thugs by firebombing Asian shops and staging violent protests. Well, under the presumed seclusion of Stormfront, Stuart McBeth outlines his real plans (indcluding a snazzy flyer design for Stormfront).

I like the idea of attack. Multiculturalism is not harmony. Gang warfare and rape of aussie girls are products of multi-racial policy therefore to promote harmony we clearly state that we reject these policies.

True Harmony – Unified Community

One Nation, One Race, One folk and One Faith (A forum for those who support Australian harmony)

Just an idea of poster design.

And how’s this for cheeky?

We have lebo and gang problems in Sydney being deliberately ignored, we have terrorist suspects, we have domestic neo nazi terrorists throwing fire bombs.

I give you six months before you launch your first petrol bomb son.

Oh, and how about all that livid denial about the PYL having any links with Volksfront? Check this:

The PYL has three PO Boxes.

1) PO Box 2, Wickham NSW 2293 (Newcastle)

2) PO Box 2510, Carlingford NSW 2118 (Sydney)

3) PO Box 223, Croydon, VIC 3136 (Melbourne)

And where would I find Volksfront?

Volksfront Australia
PO Box 2 Wickham 2293

Funny that.

I chose to insert this next quote because the term “many of the information ages benefits” kinda cracks me up. You’ll notice that I’ve left all spelling and punctuation errors as is.

I Believe that as well as opposing the tide of zionist global control through nationalism Euro-nationalists should use many of the information ages benefits to devlop a racial state of some sort within the gloablised system

He’s also got some funny ideas on what being an Australian is all about.

The term Australian as those familar with nativist ideals knows that it was term mean’t exclusivly for the use of all European people within this southern continent and probably New Zealand. Australian’s existed way before 1901 just read Lane, Lawson & Patterson. We fought together as a people at the Eureka stockade in militant anti-asian union actions and in the Boer war (Unfortunately). Australian Nativist idealogy I believe was the best form of nationalism invented. It was Euro intergral racialist, had producer based economics and was democratic.

We had the best nation on earth and lost it. We must reclaim our heritage or Eureka Spirit become militant again and achieve the identity, independence & freedom for our future generations.

He obviously has no fucking idea that plenty of non-White Europeans like southern Italians, some Spaniards and Portuguese chaps fought under the Eureka flag. I know I keep hammering away on this point, but who was the first person put on trial over the Eureka Stockade? That’s right, John Joseph, a freed black American slave.

I’m gonna keep on digging.

Darp Hau · 2 December 2004 · Discussion