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How to blow your anonymity in under five minutes

Of all the battlefields to choose, the PYL have now decided to take me on in the blogging game. I reiterate that they really need to read their Tsun Tzu — of course the chances of them taking strategic advice from a “chink” are minimal.

The site, Is it wrong to wish on Darps [sic] bad hair? My hair? Ok, my mullet is very Pat Cash circa 1987, but Andrew Wilson’s is Andre Agassi as a Vegas teenager! This blog is a melange of all the crazy, wacky (and legally iffy) rantings of the PYL. For example:

(As per usual when quoting PYL stuff, all spelling and grammatical errors remain unaltered.)

its time we showed the faggots and the minorities that this is still a democracy and that as the majority in that democracy we should be allowed the freedom to make whatever the hell jokes we want, and if we think a religion or ethnic group is a threat then we should be able to speak up about that too. no violence just wonderfull free speech.

its time, time to take our country back.

The blog is anonymous, because these people are generally too scared to put their name to their disgusting work. Unfortunately, they left a few too many clues.

Darp Hau · 19 December 2004 · Discussion

Night of the long scrapers

Northern District Multicultural Foundation

As you can see from the picture above, the local opposition to the Patriotic Youth League now has a name — the Northern District Multicultural Foundation — a logo and plenty of people power behind it.

I just had to incorporate the Eastwood apple somewhere and I guess you can see a bit of Maori influence with the koru spiral as well. I like it.

After what we accomplished last night, I think it’s fair to say that the sticker war is now won.

Every single PYL and Australia First poster/sticker was removed from the streets of the Northern Suburbs last night.

Darp Hau · 16 December 2004 · Discussion

Look who’s listening to Nazi music

For a right cack, please see the official PYL response to the NDT article on their website.

Apparently it is I who is the “racist fascist”.

Strange, you’ll notice in their headlining article they have a link to Counter Culture Music, a neo-Nazi record label and distributor. You’ll also notice this prediction:

Soon the Newcastle foreshore will be packed with lowered utes with chrome rims and awesome stereos pumping out Fortress.

Who are Fortress? Why, they’re only Australia’s most prominent neo-Nazi skinhead band. See for yourself.

Fortress concert

Oh, but the PYL isn’t racist, nor are they neo-Nazis, they just can’t wait for the Newcastle foreshore to be packed with lowered utes pumping out music by the band you see above.

Darp Hau · 15 December 2004 · Discussion

A note about humour as a tactic

I probably should explain a few things here seen as my previous post has caused a few people to scratch their heads.

Having just watched Molly and Mobarak again on Saturday night and witnessing Jim Saleam’s shit-sheeting activities against the Afghan refugees in Young, it was a tad infuriating to wake up on Sunday morning and find myself the subject of a Jim Saleam shit-sheet (and also rather spooky).

Hey, they wacked it into my letterbox and also postered their A3 “DEPORT BOAT PEOPLE” posters around my street. Something they’d not done before.

I mean, they’re trying to send a message here, “We’re not bluffing, we do know where you live”.

Come on, this is a guy who has firebombed shops and arranged beatings and shootings. Whether you want to or not, you are going to have a reaction to something like this. Some people would have marched off mob-handed to settle the score, some people would have gone into hiding and ceased all anti-racism campaigning. I didn’t. For like, the seventh time in a week I took all the evidence down to the local cop shop and am content to let them deal with it. I will continue on doing what I have been doing. So, if you’re free over the coming days and feel like scraping off some posters and starring in a docco, email me.

Darp Hau · 14 December 2004 · Discussion

Jim Saleam weighs in

I think we need to investigate this Jim Saleam character a bit further. You know, seeing as he has been emailing me and getting his PYL troopers to stuff shit in my letterbox. Not my inbox, my actual letterbox.

Andrew West writing in the Herald back in February describes Saleam as follows:

In the 1980s and 1990s, Jim Saleam wore a paramilitary uniform, invaded church services to preach his brand of anti-immigrant, white separatist politics and went to jail for a shotgun attack on an African leader.

He was the public face of the far-right group National Action.

Read the whole article. Also see here and here for some more background if you feel extra keen.

The important bits to note are that he spent three and a half years in the big house for his involvement in the attempted shooting of the Australian representative of the African National Congress back in 1989. He has also been involved in numerous fire-bombings, bashings and a number of fraud cases. His enemies on the lunar right call him the “sand nigger” or “Jamal Saleam” due his supposed Lebanese/Turkish heritage. Some claim his father was Lebanese and his mum was a pom, some even suggest he’s a Cypriot.

Even though his criminal record is longer than John Holmes’ shlong, Saleam insists that he was framed on every occasion. He also denies any serious involvement with the overtly neo-Nazi National Action and claims that he was merely trying to infiltrate the group. He now accuses his former friends on the extreme right of doctoring up old images of him and making them look like he is wearing a Nazi uniform, complete with swastika. What’s his next excuse? “The only reason I firebombed the leftie book shop was because it was already on fire so I tried putting it out with petrol.”

Plenty of people have emailed me to pass on various tidbits of Saleam-lore and anecdote. The most poignant simply reads, “I had the displeasure of meeting this nut a couple of times about 6 years ago, a very sad and twisted individual indeed. A sick, lonely old man, who lives on Centrelink, yet believes he is part of the elite ruling race.”

Darp Hau · 13 December 2004 · Discussion

Northern District Times covers anti-PYL campaign

Separatist fury - ND Times

You can see where I’ve tied back my mullet can’t you? Not a bad year for front page appearances. First the Herald and now the Northern District Times. All I need to complete the trifecta is to score a front page spot on Country Women’s Association monthly newsletter.

Shameless fame-whoring out of the way, let’s get to the article. Wait, oh come on, like I don’t deserve to be slightly proud of myself here! Have you got any idea how many far-right nutters are presently trying to put a cap in my arse? I have to respond the same way I always do when people are trying to kill me (yes, it happens a fair bit) — by being a cocky bastard who talks too much.

I really have to stop watching When We Were Kings.

For the record, I’ve only received two threats that I deem serious enough to take to the police and about a two dozen fickle ones from neo-Nazis based in Europe and the US.

Darp Hau · 8 December 2004 · Discussion

It’s not too late for Andrew Wilson

I’m so chuffed, my first ever threat from the PYL!

by the way dapry boy. You have your stupid fuckin name in the fuckin WHITE pages so dont fuckin threaten us with your fuckin I.P address shit. We have your fuckin address!!!!
and with a nmae like Hau, and by the way you look you must be a fuckin half breed yourself you wanker
eureka | 12.04.04 – 10:50 pm | #

Their leader Stuart McBeth posts as Eureka Spirit on Stormfront and the IP number is consistent with his other footprints around the web.

I guess it’s game on.

It seems that Stuart is as stupid as everyone at Newcastle University seems to think. Threatening someone via email from a traceable source is one thing, but doing it via a public post is another slightly more brainless way of doing things.

Perhaps I was simply meant to scamper back up my tree in fear and go back to harvesting coconuts or something? I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen. The “fuckin half breed” comment speaks for itself from someone who supposedly isn’t racist. I’ll desist from going into detail regarding the exceptional reputation that the Maori have in combating white supremacists in New Zealand. I’m sure many of you saw the news footage back in October.

Rest assured my beloved readers that all details have been forwarded onto the Police who are taking this matter very seriously.

Darp Hau · 6 December 2004 · Discussion

David Palmer, attention-seeker extraordinaire

David Palmer, a 65-year-old nazi memorabilia salesman from Sydney, posts on Stormfront as Daevid88.

He loves nothing more than to make the papers or even the picture tube, and believes himself to be at the fore of the Australian white supremacist movement.

To this end, whenever the limelight begins to fade, he founds another group.

In his own words: “I’m the fuhrer of the Australian National Socialist Defence of Aryan People Movement (NSDAP) … [the] Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Australian Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I’m also a qualified chef de cuisine.” NSDAP is the same acronym as Hitler’s Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

He’s also the fuhrer of the Australian Strikeforce Guards for Aryan Resistance and Defence (ASGARD) and vice president of the Australian branch of the British Israel World Federation.

Cam Smith · 3 December 2004 · Discussion

The public and private faces of Stuart McBeth

A word of warning. What you are about to read will make your blood boil. Go take a nice long walk, read a book, chill out, relax and then come back with a clear head and be ready to be pissed off. It was doubly hard to write all this up and not feel the need to put my fist through the monitor every five minutes. No matter, I’ve got the PCYC ring booked for two hours later tonight. I pity the poor bastard I’m sparring with.

Let’s begin.

I promised myself I was going to leave the PYL stuff for a while but after delving deeper into their inner workings, I couldn’t hold back.

It’s time to completely blow apart their public facade of merely being a ‘nationalist’ group. Take this example of how some online databases are choosing to represent them:

The PYL was founded in late 2002 by its current President, Stuart McBeth. McBeth was and is a student attending N.S.W. Newcastle University. McBeth had previously been involved with One Nation and was interested in building a youth movement with a nationalist expression.

The PYL is classified as a right-wing Nationalist organisation. The PYL describes it’s position as pro-Australian with nationalism as its guiding spirit. While some commentors have equated its stand against multi-culturalism as racist, the PYL has largely avoided this label because of its polite and respectful attitude toward minorities.

Furthermore because the PYL has avoided the violent confrontations and marches of previous right-wing groups it has broaded it range of appeal to youth. By adopting elements of Euronationalism whilst adapting them to the Australian context the PYL is beginning to emulate the succes of the European Nationalist parties such as the Front National and BNP.

The PYL has spread quickly from its birthplace in Newcastle to other areas. It currently has branches in nearly all Australian Eastern Seaboard cities, including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne the Central Coast, and of course Newcastle.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, McBeth says the league is not racist and has Asians among its 50 members. “We’re just about being proud of our culture, like other people are of theirs.”

Remember, I was told over the phone that you gotta be an ‘Aussie’ to join. Sorry, I know I keep hammering that point over and over.

Darp Hau · 2 December 2004 · Discussion

Kerry Bolton — a nut, or just a misunderstood Mormon/Satanist/Nazi?

Kerry Bolton

Born in 1956 and educated at Hutt Valley Technical College, Lower Hutt, Kerry currently resides in Paraparaumu, 30mins from Wellington on the coast.

His current partner, Kathy Thomson, was also involved in the National Front and attended at least two of their demonstrations.

Barrie Sargeant · 2 December 2004 · Discussion